Navigating Graduate School

TO ASSURE THAT DOCTORAL STUDENTS receive careful advice and mentoring throughout their careers, a supervisory committee is established before the student has accumulated 45 credit hours.

WITH THE EXPANDING NUMBER of online course offerings now available to graduate students (and in some cases, entire curricula), it’s likely you will – if you haven’t already done so – take a “distance learning” course as part of your program.

THE NON-TRADITIONAL GRADUATE STUDENT is defined as an adult who is pursuing a higher degree part-time while working full-time, or one who returns to school full- or part-time after a significant break or interruption (starting a family, starting a

Adapted from the University of British Columbia PowerPoint: On Being a Successful Graduate Student

Here are seven “keys” essential to a successful and well-rounded graduate career.

Conflicts with troubled students can happen when you least expect them. From a student angry about a bad grade to a one who comes to you for help with a personal problem, it’s wise to be prepared.

By Willis M. Watt
Academic Leader, 24(1) (January 2008): 1, 8.
Reprinted with permission from Magna Publications, Inc.

Graduate students are famous for juggling a number of priorities: classes, research, undergraduate mentoring or teaching, and department commitments to name just a few. Somewhere in there you have a social life too.

by Eric Hallstein, Michael Kiparsky & Anne Short.
Reprinted with permission from The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 14, 2009.

Here are some terms that apply to almost all graduate programs.

If you're new to graduate studies you may not be familiar with its language—those terms used to describe the processes and procedures unique to graduate education.