Navigating Graduate School

E-mail is an increasingly preferred tool for communication between students and faculty.

In Graduate Study for the 21st Century (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005), Gregory Colon Semenza notes that “poor time management and inadequate organization skills” often create the major barrier to a su

April 2011

Here are some important things to know when using MyRed.

Traveling to a research conference as a graduate student is expensive but priceless. To keep costs down, buy your airline ticket well in advance and try to share a hotel room with one or more of your colleagues.

A fellowship competition is held each year for current graduate students. The application Web site opens during the first week of December and closes the first week of February.

How do you analyze a book or an article (or other “physical information” sources) before you have the physical item in hand? First, examine the bibliographic citation—you’ll gain important information about its usefulness.

An important part of conducting research is understanding the existing literature in your field.

Need a little help figuring out what needs to be done before graduation?

Hi there, this is Amanda Bergeron-Bauer, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator in the Office of Graduate Studies.

If you’re new to graduate school, it’s likely that you’ve spent the last three months making some adjustments.  By now, you’ve learned that the reading lists are longer and more extensive than those you were assigned as an underg