Navigating Graduate School

There are many differences between being an undergraduate and a graduate student. Often graduate students say they’re surprised by how much more they read and the time they spend preparing for class.

Pursuing a master’s degree or a Ph.D. is a major life decision and a process that is intellectually demanding, financially challenging and sometimes emotionally taxing.

Graduate students need to be able to present their material at times or give talks as needed.

You may have heard this more than once as you prepared for graduate school: "It’s a job!" But it’s not that simple. Graduate school is more than a job. In graduate school you learn to be a professional in your field.

Every August, Graduate Teaching Assistants from across the University of Nebraska–Lincoln attend a day long workshop on teaching. Here are a few reasons you should consider attending this year:

As you move through your program towards commencement, there are many aids to help you manage and track your progress.

 A TA or Teaching Assistant is a graduate student who leads a recitation, or who teaches a course or lab.

Whether this is your first semester teaching or your tenth, you can find a variety of services and supportright here on campus to you help improve your teaching strategies and document your successes as a teacher.

The Graduate Bulletin contains information about all programs of graduate study offered at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.