Navigating Graduate School

One of the key differences between undergraduate and graduate education is that graduate students are responsible for a much larger part of the learning process.

Will you have time on your hands this summer?

From Student to Scholar: A Candid Guide to Becoming a Professor
by Steven M. Cahn

One of the goals graduate students have is landing a job upon completion of the degree. Dr.

As a graduate student, you willl inevitably need sound advice, encouragement, and celebratory congratulations.

With the increase in digital scholarship in your own research, it should come as no surprise that discussions about teaching and learning have become digital too.

Social Networking has changed the way we communicate, not just with friends and acquaintances, but with colleagues and potential employers.

Graduate school is an investment. Not just an investment in your education but in your future career as well. Thinking about graduate school as the beginning of your career will help you prioritize your time and set professional goals as you move towards commencement.

As a graduate student, you have a number of responsibilities. Perhaps you’re teaching this semester, working in a lab, meeting with your advisor, or taking a number of classes, and you have a personal life.

Subject librarians are a valuable and, for some students, little known resource on our campus.