Transferable Skills

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Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014

An entrepreneurial mindset will help you as you embark on your career—whether you want to work in a non-profit, in industry, or in academia. If you take charge of your career while in graduate school, you'll dictate your course, not the other way around.

Good news: Leadership skills can be learned!

You may be in your second or third year of graduate school, and chances are good that you’re already setting long-term goals. Career-wise, you know where you want to be in ten years. But how do you get there?

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An elevator speech is a 30–60 second summary of your research interests, main findings, and their importance to society. It's a good way to introduce yourself and your work, whether it's to professional colleagues at a conference or a job interview or just explaining your work to your neighbors and new acquaintances.

IN HER ARTICLE Transferring Your Skills to a Non-Academic Setting in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Margaret Newhouse, cautions against falling into the trap of believing that if you ar

Clear and logical delivery of your ideas and scientific results is an important component of a successful scientific career.

As summer approaches, you may want to update your resume in anticipation of a future job search.

Building Good Writing Skills