Folsom and Graduate Studies Award Recipients

The Office of Graduate Studies congratulates recipients of the annual Folsom Distinguished Dissertation and Thesis awards, the Graduate Teaching and Research awards, and the Excellence in Graduate Education awards.

Nominations are collected annually. For more information contact Jane Schneider.

Lowe R. & Mavis M. Folsom Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award

Funded by the Folsom family through the University of Nebraska Foundation, this award recognizes and rewards distinguished scholarship and research at the doctoral level. Nominated dissertations represent original work making an extraordinarily significant contribution to the discipline.

  • 2017 Sangster, Jodi Civil Engineering

    "The Influence Of Sediment Characteristics On The Fate Of Steroidogenic Compounds In Aquatic Systems And The Effects On Progesterone Bioavailability In A Target Organism"

    • Supervised by Shannon Bartelt-Hunt

    • From Council Bluffs, Iowa

  • 2016 Michael Chao Animal Science

    "Impact of Wet Distillers Grains Plus Solubles and Antioxidants on a Basic Mechanism of Beef Tenderization"

    • Supervised by Chris Calkins

    • From San Marino, California

  • 2016 Sarah Fawn Montgomery English

    "We're All Mad Here: An American Pharma-memoir"

    • Supervised by Joy Castro

    • From San Miguel, California

  • 2015 Joan Dreiling Physics and Astronomy

    "Asymmetric Interactions between Spin-Polarized Electrons and Chiral Molecules"

    • Supervised by Timothy Gay

    • From Ellis, Kansas

  • 2015 Nima Najafi Kianfar English

    "Motivations for Yesterday"

    • Supervised by Grace Bauer

    • From Santa Monica, California

  • 2015 Philipp Kühne Electrical Engineering

    "The Optical Hall Effect in Three- and Two-dimensional Materials"

    • Supervised by Mathias Schubert

    • From Kulmbach, Germany

  • 2014 Jared Leighton History

    "Freedom Indivisible: Gays and Lesbians in the African American Civil Rights Movement"

    • Supervised by Patrick Jones

    • From Watertown, South Dakota

  • 2013 Juan Colón Electrical Engineering

    "The Role of Rare Earth Dopants in Semiconducting Host System for Spin Electronic Devices"

    • Supervised by Jerry Hudgins and Peter Dowben

    • From San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

  • 2013 Christopher Goodrich Mathematics

    "An Analysis of Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems of Fractional and Integer Order"

    • Supervised by Allan Peterson

    • From Omaha, Nebraska

  • 2012 Maureen Todd Child, Youth and Family Studies

    "The Process of Becoming a Strong GLBT Family: A Grounded Theory"

    • Supervised by Yan Ruth Xia and John DeFrain

    • From Rawlins, Wyoming

  • 2011 Nan Shao Chemistry

    "Computational Studies of Clusters"

    • Supervised by Xiao Cheng Zeng

    • From Hefei, Anhui, China

  • 2010 Kurt Knecht Music

    "Missa Prolationem"

    • Supervised by Tyler White

    • From Tampa, Florida

  • 2009 David Miller Biomedical Engineering

    "An Intelligent Modular Tool for Minimally Invasive Surgery"

    • Supervised by Carl A. Nelson

    • From Bellevue, Nebraska

  • 2008 Thomas Miller Biological Sciences

    "Interactions between Cacti and Cactus-Feeding Insects: Causes and Consequences of Variation"

    • Supervised by Svata Louda

    • From Staten Island, New York

  • 2008 Christine Stewart-Nunez English

    "Syllables Rising"

    • Supervised by Hilda Raz and Barbara DiBernard

    • From Des Moines, Iowa

  • 2007 Lu Yuan Physics and Astronomy

    • Supervised by Sy-Hwang Liou

  • 2006 Dawna Lewis Communication Disorders

    • 2005 Andrew Nelson Chemistry

      • 2005 Anthony Caruso Physics and Astronomy

        • 2004 Horatiu Olteanu Biochemistry

          Lowe R. & Mavis M. Folsom Distinguished Masters Thesis Award

          Funded by the Folsom family through the University of Nebraska Foundation, this award recognizes and rewards distinguished scholarship and research at the master's level.

          • 2017 Boyd, Delane Music

            "Uncanny Conversations: Depictions of the Supernatural in Dialogue Lieder of the Nineteenth Century"

            • Supervised by Pamela Starr

            • From Las Vegas, Nevada

          • 2016 Chase Aunspach Communication Studies

            "From the Gay Bar to the Search Bar: Promiscuity, Identity, and Queer Mobility on Grindr"

            • Supervised by Carly Woods

            • From Granger, Iowa

          • 2015 Susana Geliga-Grazales History

            "Ella Deloria: A Dakota Woman’s Journey Between an Old World and a New"

            • Supervised by Margaret Jacobs

            • From Rapid City, South Dakota

          • 2014 Eric Skov Anthropology

            "Experimentation in Sling Weaponry: Effectiveness of and Archaeological Implications for a World-Wide Primitive Technology"

            • Supervised by LuAnn Wandsnider

            • From Olathe, Kansas

          • 2013 Amy Colgrove Child, Youth and Family Studies

            "Approaches to Teaching Young Children Science Concepts and Vocabulary, and Scientific Problem-Solving Skills and Role of Classroom Environment"

            • Supervised by Soo-Young Hong and Helen Raikes

            • From Naperville, Illinois

          • 2013 Kaci Nash History

            "On Our Way to the Sunny South, Land of Chivalry: Northern Imperial Attitudes in the Civil War South"

            • Supervised by William Thomas

            • From Omaha, Nebraska

          • 2013 Elizabeth Straley Sociology

            "Abortion and Distress: The Role of State-Level Restrictive Laws Regarding Reproduction"

            • Supervised by Julia McQuillan

            • From Omaha, Nebraska

          • 2013 Tyler Wortman Mechanical Engineering

            "Design, Analysis, and Testing of In Vivo Surgical Robots"

            • Supervised by Shane Farritor

            • From Grand Island, Nebraska

          • 2012 Aprille Phillips Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

            "Transnationalism and the Dominican Republic: The Effect on Student Identity and Achievement"

            • Supervised by Edmund Hamann

            • From Hastings, Nebraska

          • 2011 Natalie Koziol Educational Psychology

            "Evaluating Measurement Invariance with Censored Ordinal Data: A Monte Carlo Comparison of Alternative Model Estimators and Scales of Measurement"

            • Supervised by James Bovaird

            • From Lincoln, Nebraska

          • 2010 Carina McCormick Educational Psychology

            "The Potential for Interrater Reliability Inflation with Tertium Quid Rater Adjudication: A Simulation"

            • Supervised by Kurt Geisinger

            • From Omaha, Nebraska

          • 2009 Curtis Wray Chemistry

            "Rational Design of Porphyrin Paddlewheel Frameworks"

            • Supervised by Wonyoung Choe

            • From Scotia, Nebraska

          • 2008 Jennifer Huebner Food Science and Technology

            "Functional Activity and Stability of Commercial Prebiotics"

            • Supervised by Robert Hutkins

            • From North Platte, Nebraska

          • 2007 Adriana Trejo Sanchez Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

            • Supervised by Susan Hallbeck

          • 2006 Anagh Lal Computer Science

            • 2005 Bradley Creamer Animal Science

              • 2004 Ala' Qadi Computer Science

                Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Education

                The Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Education Award honors faculty members whose dedication to graduate students and commitment to excellence in graduate mentoring have made a significant contribution to graduate education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

                • 2017 Van Den Broeke, Matthew Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

                  • Assistant Professor

                • 2017 Bauer, Grace English

                  • Professor

                • 2017 Simpson, Melanie Biochemistry

                  • Professor

                • 2016 Maureen Honey English

                  • Professor

                • 2016 Debra Hope Psychology

                  • Professor

                • 2016 Emily Kazyak Sociology

                  • Assistant Professor

                • 2015 Lilyan Fulginiti Agricultural Economics

                  • Professor

                • 2015 Scott Seavey Accountancy

                  • Assistant Professor

                • 2014 Jonis Agee English

                    • Professor
                  • 2014 Sarah Gervais Psychology

                      • Associate Professor
                    • 2013 Kimberly Tyler Sociology

                        • Professor
                      • 2013 Yan (Ruth) Xia Child, Youth and Family Studies

                          • Associate Professor
                        • 2012 Patrice McMahon Political Science

                            • Associate Professor
                          • 2012 Xiao Cheng Zeng Chemistry; Physics and Astronomy

                              • Professor
                            • 2011 Shannon Bartelt-Hunt Civil Engineering

                                • Associate Professor
                              • 2011 Carolyn Pope Edwards Psychology

                                  • Professor
                                • 2010 Timothy Carr Nutrition and Health Sciences

                                    • Professor
                                  • 2010 Wonyoung Choe Chemistry

                                      • Assistant Professor
                                    • 2009 Rick Bevins Psychology

                                        • Professor
                                      • 2009 Sebastian Elbaum Computer Science and Engineering

                                          • Professor
                                        • 2008 Azzeddine Azzam Agricultural Economics

                                            • Professor
                                          • 2008 Jordin Soliz Communication Studies

                                              • Associate Professor
                                            • 2008 Mark Wilson Biochemistry

                                                • Associate Professor
                                              • 2007 Stephen Mason Agronomy and Horticulture

                                                  • Professor
                                                • 2007 James Gentry Marketing

                                                    • Professor
                                                  • 2006 Lily Wang Architectural Engineering

                                                    • 2006 Peter Dowben Physics

                                                      • 2006 Sang Lee Management

                                                        • 2005 David Hage Chemistry

                                                          • 2005 David DiLillo Psychology

                                                            • 2004 Jay Barbuto AgLEC

                                                              • 2004 David Hansen Psychology

                                                                • 2003 Terry Klopfenstein Agronomy

                                                                  • 2002 John Hibbing Political Science

                                                                    • 2001 Roger Wiegand Mathematics

                                                                      • 2000 Fred Luthans Management

                                                                        • 1999 Sharron Harris English

                                                                          • 1998 Leon Higley Entomology

                                                                            Outstanding Graduate Research and Creative Activities Award

                                                                            This award recognizes the excellent quality of research carried out by graduate students and is given based on the student's on-going outstanding contribution to research, future promise as a researcher, and on the originality, imagination, and significance of their research or creative activity. (Prior to 2017 this was the Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award.)

                                                                            • 2017 Flanigan, Abe Educational Psychology

                                                                              • Supervised by Kenneth Kiewra

                                                                              • From Storm Lake, Iowa

                                                                            • 2017 Kidwell, Katie Psychology

                                                                              • Supervised by Timothy Nelson

                                                                              • From Powhatan, Virginia

                                                                            • 2017 Young, Rana Art

                                                                              • Supervised by Dana Fritz

                                                                              • From Saint Louis, Missouri

                                                                            • 2016 Lei Li Chemistry

                                                                              • Supervised by Xiao Cheng Zeng

                                                                              • From Yiyang City, Hunan Province, China

                                                                            • 2015 Yuchuan Shao Mechanical Engineering

                                                                              • Supervised by Jinsong Huang

                                                                              • From Huangshan, China

                                                                            • 2014 Yue Zhao Electrical Engineering

                                                                              • Supervised by Wei Qiao

                                                                              • From Xiangyang, Hubei, China

                                                                            • 2013 Jill Allen Psychology

                                                                              • Supervised by Sarah Gervais

                                                                              • From Dysart, Iowa

                                                                            • 2013 Haidong Lu Physics and Astronomy

                                                                              • Supervised by Alexei Grouverman

                                                                              • From Haining, Zhejiang, China

                                                                            • 2012 Inés Martinez Food Science and Technology

                                                                              • Supervised by Jens Walter

                                                                              • From Montevideo, Uruguay

                                                                            • 2012 Rhitankar Pal Chemistry

                                                                              • Supervised by Xiao Cheng Zeng

                                                                              • From Calcutta, India

                                                                            • 2010 Samuel Saunders Civil Engineering

                                                                              • Supervised by Shannon Bartelt-Hunt

                                                                              • From Richmond, Virginia

                                                                            • 2010 Katie Walsh Psychology

                                                                              • Supervised by David DiLillo

                                                                              • From Benton, Maine

                                                                            • 2009 Anton Turanov Biochemistry

                                                                              • Supervised by Vadim Gladyshev

                                                                              • From Pushchino, Russia

                                                                            • 2009 Jamie Wilkinson Psychology

                                                                              • Supervised by Rick Bevins

                                                                              • From Grand Island, Nebraska

                                                                            • 2008 Tina Koeppe Textiles, Clothing, and Design

                                                                              • Supervised by Barbara Trout

                                                                              • From Lincoln, Nebraska

                                                                            • 2007 Camile Semighini Biological Sciences (Plant Pathology)

                                                                              • 2007 Satya Bulusu Chemistry

                                                                                • 2006 Deepak Mishra Natural Resource Sciences

                                                                                  • 2006 Mark Rentschler Biomedical Engineering

                                                                                    • 2005 Risto Moisio Business (Marketing)

                                                                                      • 2004 Aruna Ambagala Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

                                                                                        • 2004 Jaeil Bai Physics and Astronomy

                                                                                          Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

                                                                                          The Office of Graduate Studies recognizes the valuable role that graduate teaching assistants play in enhancing undergraduate learning at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award honors graduate teaching assistants who have demonstrated special effectiveness in teaching undergraduates in a variety of settings.

                                                                                          • 2017 Anderson, Raeda Anderson, Raeda

                                                                                            • Supervised by Juila McQuillan

                                                                                            • From Hampton, Georgia

                                                                                          • 2017 Barber, Kaylee Modern Languages & Literatures

                                                                                            • Supervised by Patricia Simpson

                                                                                            • From Gretna, Nebraska

                                                                                          • 2016 Dane Bowder Biological Sciences

                                                                                            • Supervised by Shi-Hua Xiang

                                                                                            • From Lincoln, Nebraska

                                                                                          • 2015 Robert Lipscomb III English

                                                                                            • Supervised by Roland Végsö

                                                                                            • From Arlington, Texas

                                                                                          • 2014 L.J. McElravy Human Sciences (Leadership Studies)

                                                                                            • Supervised by Gina Matkin

                                                                                            • From Omaha, Nebraska

                                                                                          • 2013 Bobbi Jo Olson English

                                                                                            • Supervised by Frances Condon

                                                                                            • From Madison, South Dakota

                                                                                          • 2013 Ted Paterson Management

                                                                                            • Supervised by Peter Harms

                                                                                            • From Gardnerville, Nevada

                                                                                          • 2012 Susan Martens English

                                                                                            • Supervised by Robert Brooke

                                                                                            • From Fremont, Nebraska

                                                                                          • 2012 Tiffany Wang Communication Studies

                                                                                            • Supervised by William Seiler

                                                                                            • From Arlington, Texas

                                                                                          • 2011 Courtney Gibbons Mathematics

                                                                                            • Supervised by Roger Wiegand

                                                                                            • From Woodbridge, Connecticut

                                                                                          • 2011 Sarah Steimel Communication Studies

                                                                                            • Supervised by Kathleen Krone

                                                                                            • From Arlington, Texas

                                                                                          • 2011 Adam Thompson Philosophy

                                                                                            • Supervised by Mark van Roojen

                                                                                            • From Indianapolis, Indiana

                                                                                          • 2010 Saadia Bihmidine Natural Resource Sciences

                                                                                            • Supervised by Tala Awada

                                                                                            • From Tafraout, Morocco

                                                                                          • 2010 Julie Iromuanya English

                                                                                            • Supervised by Jonis Agee

                                                                                            • From Lincoln, Nebraska

                                                                                          • 2009 Tamy Burnett English

                                                                                            • Supervised by Kwakiutl Dreher, Susan Wortmann, Joy Ritchie, and Margaret Jacobs

                                                                                            • From Columbus, Nebraska

                                                                                          • 2009 Jennifer Green Statistics

                                                                                            • Supervised by Erin Blankenship

                                                                                            • From Creighton, Nebraska

                                                                                          • 2008 Neal Bryan Agronomy

                                                                                            • Supervised by Walter Schacht and Tala Awada

                                                                                            • From Tooele, Utah

                                                                                          • 2008 Martha Gregg Mathematics

                                                                                            • Supervised by David Pitts

                                                                                            • From Baltimore, Maryland

                                                                                          • 2008 Ezra Zeitler Geography

                                                                                            • Supervised by David Wishart

                                                                                            • From Rosiere, Wisconsin

                                                                                          • 2007 Elizabeth Ribarsky Communication Studies

                                                                                            • 2006 Yelena Kosheleva Psychology

                                                                                              • 2005 Catalina Avina Modern Languages and Literature

                                                                                                • 2004 Bradrick Cripe Business (Accounting)

                                                                                                  • 2004 Timothy Elston History