Graduation Checklist for the Doctoral Degree

This page is obsolete

These final steps have been integrated into the Doctoral Milestones, so you no longer need to refer to this separate list. This obsolete page will be removed in the near future.

These steps are for after you submit your Application for Final Oral Examination or Waiver to Graduate Studies.

For more information: Eva Bachman, Doctoral Specialist, Office of Graduate Studies.

1. Prepare forms to take to your final oral exam

  • Report of Completion*: Type the top portion with your name, name of degree, major department or interdepartmental area, dissertation title, and the name of your committee chair or co-chairs. This document is placed in your permanent record as proof of completion of your degree.
  • Signature Page*: Type the dissertation title, your name and the names of the supervisory committee. This form will not be kept by the UNL library but may be used by your department as proof of approval and completion of the dissertation defense.

2. Pass final oral exam and get signatures

At the successful conclusion of the Final Oral Examination, obtain signatures on the following forms:
  • Report of Completion: Those supervisory committee members present for the oral examination must sign. Alternatively, if the examination is waived, all Supervisory Committee members must sign. Your advisor should use this form to submit a grade/pass for all previous incomplete/no report dissertation hours.
  • Signature Page: The Signature Page needs to carry original signatures as well as dates above the typed names of the Supervisory Committee members. This page is no longer required by the library but may be required by your department for your file. Alternately you may choose to bind it with your hard copy of your dissertation.

3. Create your PDF file and get it approved

4. Upload your PDF to ProQuest

Upload approved PDF file to ProQuest. Complete the forms online and submit them at the time of upload. Print the confirmation email.
  • The library requests that you select only the Traditional method of access.
  • If you wish to have an embargo (delay in release of your dissertation) you will still have to do these steps, but ProQuest will delay distribution of your dissertation.
    • You will need to be specific about the length of time.
    • English creative writing students should do this process differently to maximize the time available for embargo; contact Eva Bachman for information.
  • When you get to the "View Order" payment screen, ProQuest will recognize that you are a UNL student and will not require any payment.
  • After you have uploaded your dissertation, you will receive a confirmation email from ProQuest. Print that confirmation email so it can be included in the materials you bring to Graduate Studies.
  • For help in deciding whether to have ProQuest register a copyright for you, refer to ProQuest's Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair Use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities. If you choose to get a copyright, consult your advisor and then complete the additional ProQuest form.
  • If you need assistance with the upload to ProQuest, contact Paul Royster.

5. Upload your PDF to Digital Commons

Instructions are at Contact Paul Royster if you need assistance.
  • Do not upload to Digital Commons if you are placing an embargo on your dissertation.

6. Bring completed materials to Graduate Studies to be checked/stamped

When you are ready to deposit your dissertation, bring all of the following items (bring A through E and also complete F) to the Office of Graduate Studies before going to the library.
  1. Report of Completion of the Doctoral Degree form with signatures
  2. Two abstracts (one for the library, one for Graduate Studies). Do not staple.
  3. One title page
  4. Printout of email from ProQuest confirming upload
  5. Electronic Dissertation Information Form*
  6. Survey of Earned Doctorates** (Ph.D. recipients only)
    • As of September 1, 2011, UNL Ph.D. recipients should complete the online SED Survey. The first page is registration; completing it takes you into the survey.
    • This survey is required because of its importance in giving national funding agencies demographic information about schools they are assisting. See also: SED FAQ.
    • An electronic notice will be sent to Graduate Studies. No need to print the notice.

7. Deposit dissertation and pay fees

  • Go to the Office of the Dean of Libraries, 318 Love Library. Deposit items B through E as listed above. The librarian must sign your Report of Completion.
  • Go to the Cashier/Bursar's Office, 121 Canfield. Pay the fees and ask the cashier to sign your Report of Completion. Cashier's window closes at 4:00 PM. Fees should be paid with a single check, payable to UNL. No credit cards accepted.Fees are as follows.
    • Processing $25.00
    • Copyright $65.00 (optional)

8. Submit final form to Graduate Studies

  • Report of Completion of the Doctoral Degree


* You can type your information into the form, save the PDF on your computer, then later reopen the file and change what you typed — when you use a current version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or other Adobe Acrobat software. Other PDF-reading software may or may not support these features.

** The UNL Survey of Graduate Degree Recipients will not be evaluated until after you have graduated.