Printing and Binding

Do you need a bound copy?

Consult your advisor or committee chair to find out whether your department requires you to provide a bound copy of your thesis or dissertation.

If any bound copies are needed for departmental use or for your own personal use, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for printing and binding.

If you need a bound copy

Many students choose the university's Print Services for their theses and dissertations. Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare your thesis or dissertation to be brought to Print Services. Either format is acceptable:
    1. Electronic (preferred), in PDF format to insure the formatting. (To be delivered by email, disc, or flash drive.)
    2. On paper.
  2. Review the prices, options, and turnaround times.
    • Refer to Print Services for current details for printing/copying, covers, binding, and mailing.
  3. Bring your thesis or dissertation to Print Services, 1700 Y Street.
    • Get a binding order form from the Print Services front desk and fill it out.
    • Pay by cash, check, NCard, or a requisition from your department with Cost Object Number.
    • Deadline: 5:00 PM on Thursday. Copies can still be brought to Print Services on Fridays, but if the Bindery has already picked up the orders for the week, your order will be sent out the following Friday.

Alternatively, students may order bound copies elsewhere so long as the finished product satisfies any departmental requirements. Doctoral students may order a bound copy from ProQuest as part of the upload process.