Action Verbs for CVs

These action verbs can be used to construct a strong and persuasive CV.
We recommend using past tense (as listed below) to describe your roles and responsibilities in previously-held positions, and present tense for those in the positions you currently hold.


Addressed Advised Controlled Co-ordinated Counselled Demonstrated Directed Encouraged Guided Instructed Interviewed Led Liaised Marketed Mediated Motivated Negotiated Ordered Performed Presented Promoted Proposed Provided Recommended Recruited Represented Resolved Sold Taught Trained

Found out

Analysed Assessed Classified Collated Defined Designed Devised Established Evaluated Forecasted Identified Interpreted Interviewed Investigated Researched Tested Traced Verified

Sorted out

Analysed Arranged Assessed Budgeted Classified Collated Composed Conceived Conducted Controlled Co-ordinated Decreased Defined Distributed Edited Eliminated Established Evaluated Identified Improved Investigated Itemised Modernised Operated Organised Planned Prepared Processed Produced Redesigned Reduced Refined Reorganised Researched Resolved Reviewed Revised Scheduled Simplified Solved Streamlined Transformed Uncovered Verified Vetted

Showed how

Advised Coached Conducted Directed Guided Demonstrated Illustrated Instructed Led Managed Organised Performed Presented Taught Trained

Set up

Composed Conceived Created Designed Developed Devised Established Founded Generated Implemented Initiated Instituted Introduced Invented Launched Led Opened Originated Pioneered Planned Prepared Produced Promoted Started

Made better

Remember to quantify: i.e. increased by how much?
Broadened Combined Consolidated Converted Cut Decreased Developed Devised Doubled Edited Eliminated Expanded Improved Increasing Innovated Minimised Modernised Recommended Redesigned Reduced Refined Reorganised Resolved Restructured Revised Saved Serviced Simplified Solved Streamlined Strengthened Transformed Trimmed Uncovered Unified Widened

Gave out

Delivered Despatched Distributed Expanded Generated Launched Presented Processed Produced Promoted Provided Served Transferred

In charge of

Administered Approved Conducted Controlled Co-ordinated Delegated Directed Headed Led Managed Represented Supervised

Other useful words

Accelerated Achieved Allocated Appraised Assisted Attained Authored Authorised Awarded Checked Completed Communicated Diagnosed Dealt Effected Engineered Ensured Facilitated Found Influenced Lectured Maintained Mastered Networked Operated Participated Persuaded Pinpointed Proficient in Programmed Prompted Proved Ran Responded Revamped Selected to Spearheaded Translated Undertook Volunteered Won

Words that give emphasis

Excellent Sole Active Major Key Responsible Successfully Wide Considerable Comprehensive Consistently Stringent Competent Ability Capacity Substantially Qualified Technical Resourceful Pertinent Proficient Effective Versatile