Formatting Your Resume

  • Create margins no less that .5” and no larger than 1” on all sides. Leave sufficient white space to create an uncluttered, organized look.  
  • Limit your resume length to one page—two at the most. Employers will not want to read more.
  • Choose a standard, easy-to-read font (such as Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic, or Times) in a 10-12 point size.
  • Use bold or italicized words sparingly.  Do not underline sections or use all caps.  Use short phrases with bullet-points.   
  • Resumes don’t have to be flashy or creative. Keep it simple.  Focus on the content. Consider the match between your skills and the employer’s needs.  Use strong action verbs to create a compelling argument for selecting you as a top hire. Finally, have someone proof your resume.  Check to make sure it is error free; no misspelled words, grammatical or punctuation errors.