Instructional Development

Instructional Development

The Office of Graduate Studies plays an important role in helping UNL departments prepare graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) for the responsibilities of classroom instruction. In doing so, we support the University’s goal of enhancing undergraduate learning at UNL.

Our instructional support for GTAs includes the following events and services:

Campuswide Workshops for Graduate Teaching Assistants
A one-day program offered prior to the start of each Fall semester to introduce graduate teaching assistants to basic principles of good teaching. Open to all graduate students with an interest in teaching (not just TAs), the workshop provides an overview of TA roles and responsibilities, and introduces a variety of instructional issues and strategies.

Institute for International Teaching Assistants
A two-week intensive training program for international teaching assistant (ITA) candidates. The curriculum focuses on teaching, language, and communication skills. Participants are exposed to a variety of teaching topics common to all academic disciplines, and spend time practicing lesson planning and other teaching skills.

Teaching Development Program
The Teaching Development Program (TDP) helps graduate students teach better, now and in the future, and readies them for the job search by assisting them in documenting their teaching development. Consultants are available to meet with postdocs and graduate students with an interest in teaching. We can provide the information, resources and support you need to meet your teaching goals and to enjoy and learn as much as you can from your experience in the classroom.

Graduate Teaching at UNL: An Online Guide for Graduate Teaching Assistants
As a graduate TA, you're an essential element in the success of the undergraduate students you teach. This online resource guide is one of many tools available to help develop and strengthen your teaching effectiveness.