Resume or Curriculum Vitae: What do I Use?

  Résumé Curriculum Vitae

A brief summary of your skills, experience, and education.

Detailed documentation of your educational and academic background (degrees), teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, grants, honors, awards,


General use when applying for wide variety of positions in business, industry, government, non-profits

Primarily when applying for an academic or research position; also used for academic awards, grants, promotion and tenure


Highlight job-related experiences including volunteer and extracurricular activities and the skills you’ve developed

Demonstrating academic achievements and scholarly potential


1–2 pages

As long as needed

Key components

Name/contact information, statement of objective, education, work experience, skills developed

Name/contact info, education (degrees earned); grants, honors, awards, teaching experience, research focus, publications, presentations, grants, honors, awards, scholarly/professional memberships


May be ordered either chronologically or functionally (categorizing skills and experience in key areas).

Clear order (either chronological or reverse chronological, depending on disciplinary norms)