Teaching Roles and Responsibilities

Briefly describe the courses you are teaching or have taught in the recent past, including the number of credit hours, whether the course was required or elective, the number of students, and whether they were graduate or undergraduate. Teaching activities outside the classroom, such as advising undergraduate students, supervising students engaged in undergraduate research, and otherwise mentoring students also are important to include. By describing your teaching roles and responsibilities, you provide a context for the reader and set the stage for the main points you'll be making about your teaching.

If you haven't taught much and don't have a collection of course materials from which you can choose, provide a list of three to five courses you anticipate teaching with a brief paragraph of each describing the nature of the course, your objectives for student learning, and perhaps some of the readings or assignments you would use. Don't worry about being too exact or stress over whether you'd actually teach the course the way you described. You won't be held to these descriptions. The goal is to convey your overall approach to teaching and the processes you'd use to design an intro course or a seminar in your discipline.