November 2013

Navigating Graduate School

Working Effectively with Faculty and Colleagues

To succeed, you need to collaborate effectively with your professors, mentors, and colleagues so you can improve your own work and provide helpful feedback to others.

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Meet Our Graduate Ambassadors

Ambassadors serve as a bridge between graduate students and the Office of Graduate Studies. Get to know our Ambassadors!

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Graduate Students as Stewards of the Discipline

As a graduate student and scholar, you are a steward of your discipline. Learn how scholars are good stewards of their disciplines....

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Good Practices in Graduate Education

Book Review: James Lang's Cheating Lessons

Find out how to prevent cheating in the classroom by focusing on learning.

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Graduate Student Professional Development

Preparing for Your Future Career

Career-wise, you know where you want to be in ten years. But how do you get there? Here are a few tips for jump-starting your future career now while you’re in graduate school....

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Funding Your Dissertation

Whether you’re looking for a few extra dollars to fund research or a larger fellowship that will pay for a year or two of focused work on your dissertation, a research grant can be just the ticket for finishing your dissertation and launching your career.

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Teaching Tip

Teaching Critical Thinking

Learn how to help students move through the process of gathering all available information, weigh possible solutions, and come to a logical hypothesis or conclusion.

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The Graduate Writer

Using Commas Correctly

Correct comma usage is an art, not a science. Here are some helpful hints for using commas correctly in your own writing.

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Student Spotlight

Mario Pesendorfer: From Vienna to Nebraska to Washington DC

When Mario Pesendorfer attended a seminar on avian cognition in Vienna, Austria, where he was working on his Master’s degree, Nebraska was perhaps the furthest thing from his mind.

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