Student Data Systems

About applicants


The departmental Graduate Application Management and Evaluation System (GAMES) is centrally maintained but customizable enough to support departments' varying requirements for collecting and reviewing application materials, beyond what's required for everyone and maintained in NuView.

Base data is imported from NuView every night, so if you're a GAMES user, you probably don't need to sign into NuView on a regular basis.


Graduate Studies staff use NuView to manage application materials, requirements, and statuses.

What you can get from it

  • Student contact information
  • Status of an application or admission
  • Status of application materials required by Graduate Admissions
  • GRE and TOEFL scores which students have submitted to us via ETS
  • And more...

How to access it

NuView is a web-based system. If you think you should have access to NuView, contact Graduate Studies to request it. You will need to sign a statement of understanding for the Office of the University Registrar for access to confidential student information, if you have not done so already.

Who to contact about problems

NuView has separate pages and permissions for graduate and undergraduate levels. If you have questions or problems with any part of NuView, determine which applicant population you are working with and contact Graduate Studies or Undergraduate Admissions accordingly. We are also happy to provide training sessions.

About enrollees


PeopleSoft is the student information system for NU.

Most faculty and staff access PeopleSoft by signing into MyRED and using the Employee tab. Permissions vary.

See also: statistical data from IRADS, particularly their Data Index.