Women's and Gender Studies

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The Women's and Gender Studies graduate courses strengthen students' qualifications for advanced graduate programs and for employment in their primary discipline or in a variety of occupations.

The WGS Program has established connections with Anthropology, Art and Art History, Communication Studies, English, History, Political Science, and Sociology. For students in programs where WGS has not been established as a specialization, it is also offered as a minor.

The specialization and minor both provide students a challenging opportunity to extend their graduate education in gender, sexuality, and diversity by drawing on the innovative interdisciplinary perspectives of Women's and Gender Studies.

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How it's offered

A specialization in Women's & Gender Studies is available within the following degree programs:

Alternatively, for students in other programs, a minor in Women's & Gender Studies is available with any graduate degree program, subject to individual approval.

Specializations and minors are indicated on transcripts.

How to apply

1. Apply for admission to a graduate degree program, get admitted, and enroll.

Follow the Steps to Admission to apply to a graduate degree program. If your program is not listed on WGS's Programs tab, consult WGS or your advisor to confirm eligibility.

2. Apply to have Women's and Gender Studies added to your program.

Complete this step between September 1 and April 1 and at least one semester prior to the semester of your graduation, typically when filing your Memorandum of Courses (master's) or Program of Studies (doctoral).

Prepare the following materials:

  • A letter of application addressed to the graduate chair of your home department and the director of WGS, describing how the WGS specialization or minor will help you meet your goals and how it fits your program of study.
  • The list of courses for your WGS specialization or minor.
  • A copy of your Memorandum of Courses or Program of Study.

Submit those materials to:

  • WGS director and support staff (see Contacts above)
  • The graduate chair of your home department

Women's and Gender Studies will approve the list of courses for the specialization or minor in consultation with your home department.

Requirements for completion

The WGS specialization or minor may be earned through any combination of 400/800-, 800-, or 900-level WGS-approved graduate courses on women, gender, and/or sexuality.

  • At the master's level, nine credit hours of approved courses are required. Of the nine, six must be outside the student's major department.
  • At the doctoral level, twelve credit hours of approved courses are required. Of the twelve, nine must be outside the student's major department.


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