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Rates on this page are for graduate-level courses for Academic Year 2017-18.

  • Full-time enrollment for a graduate student is 9 cr per Fall or Spring term or 6 cr per Summer.
  • Grad-level courses are numbered 800-999. A grad student who enrolls in an undergraduate course will pay the undergraduate rate for that course. See Student Accounts for all rates.
  • We'll update this page when Student Accounts publishes the next set of rates. Until then, to estimate costs beyond this AY we suggest adding 5% per year to your total in the Results section.

Instr ModeCourse Category for TuitionGrad Resident TuitionGrad Non-
resident Tuition
Fall HoursSpring HoursSummer HoursTuition Amount
In personBase313.25896.50TBD
OnlineAG*IDEA, Great Plains IDEA565.00565.00TBD
In personArchitecture 415.001140.75TBD
In personBusiness387.501108.25TBD
In personEngineering (CSE, Ag Eng, BSE, etc.)433.251156.75TBD
OnlineEd Admin, Ed Psych313.25700.00TBD
OnlineUniv. Engineering Alliance590.00590.00TBD
In personUNO: Criminal Justice, Gerontology, Public Admin269.50753.00TBD
OnlineUNO: Criminal Justice, Gerontology, Public Admin346.00583.00TBD
Estimated tuition (TBD rates) TBD

FeePerRateTerm MaxFallSpringSummerFee Total
Technology FeeCredit Hour11.00165.00 TBD
Library FeeCredit Hour6.25 TBD
Online Course FeeOnline Credit Hour35.00 TBD
Registration FeeTerm20.00 TBD
International Student Fee (graduate)Term70.00 TBD
UPFF Fall/Spring (1-6 hrs / 7+ hrs)Term355.00602.00 TBD
UPFF Fall/Spring Health Center Only (int'l <7 hrs)Term135.06 TBD
UPFF Summer (1-5 hrs / 6+ hrs)Term128.00219.00 TBD
UPFF Summer Health Center Only (int'l <6 hrs)Term50.03 TBD
ID Card Fee (initial card or replacement)Card15.00 TBD
Estimated fees (TBD rates) TBD TBD TBD TBD
Late Registration FeeTerm25.00 Please enroll before classes begin.
Late Payment FeeMonth35.00 Please pay bills before they are due.


Estimated tuition and fees

For TBD credit hour(s) as indicated above:
TBD based on rates for AY TBD
TBD for the following AY if rates increase 5%

This estimate does not include:

  • The fee for a Graduate Application for Admission
  • Assistantships, fellowships, or other sources of funding
  • Course-specific fees (as listed in the schedule of classes) and textbooks
  • Fees for late registration or late payment of bills
  • Living expenses (housing, food, utilities, transportation, etc.) and health insurance
  • Fees for applying to graduate and for depositing a thesis/dissertation

For international students, the Financial Resource Certification form estimates a few additional items.