Over 1,700 assistantship appointments are made by departments during an academic year. Most assistantships include tuition remission during the semester of appointment and may include tuition remission for the summer. Assistantships for summer may also be available.

The assistantships are competitively awarded and typically require 13 to 20 hours of service per week. Graduate assistants are required to register during the fall and spring semesters if employed during that time, but not in the summer.

For more details, go to the assistantship page for current students.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

To inquire about your opportunities for a teaching or research assistantship, contact the graduate chair of your department.

If you are not admitted to a department or area with a specific graduate degree objective, you will not be eligible for an assistantship.

For an international student, eligibility for a teaching assistantship requires successful completion of the Institute for International Teaching Assistants, a concentrated 90-hour program held the last week in July and the first week in August. (Exemptions may be granted based on prior English-language experience. See ITA page for details.)

Administrative Assistantships

Most assistantships are not assigned this way, but we'll post openings here if we hear about them.

All information is subject to change. The best source of information on any position listed here is the office or department offering the position. Openings are most likely to be posted here in spring for administrative assistantships beginning the following August.