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  • MPA in Accountancy (30 cr, Option III only)
  • PhD in Business (90 cr) with a specialization in Accountancy

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Some online coursework may be available for your program; contact dept. for details.

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Graduate Chair for Ph.D.
Professor Tom Omer

MPA Coordinator
Ms. Jina Morris

Campus Address
307 CBA
Lincoln NE 68588-0488

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Application checklist and deadlines

1. Required by Graduate Studies

2. Required by Accountancy

  • Entrance exam(s): GMAT
  • Minimum English proficiency: Paper TOEFL 550, Internet TOEFL 80, IELTS 6.5
  • Two recommendation letters

When sending GRE or TOEFL scores, our institution code is 6877 and a department code is not needed.

Application Deadlines for Accountancy
  • Ph.D.: January 1 for Fall.
  • M.P.A. Domestic Applicants: April 1 for Fall for fellowship consideration. July 1 for Fall otherwise. December 1 for Spring. May 1 for Summer.
  • M.P.A. International Applicants: April 1 for Fall. October 1 for Spring. February 1 for Summer.

Application/admission is for entry in a specific term and year. Our academic year is divided into 3 terms: Fall (August-December), Spring (January-May), and Summer (multiple sessions May-August). Some programs accept new students only in certain terms and/or years.


The Master of Professional Accountancy (M.P.A.) emphasizes the use of accounting as an analytical tool for understanding business and public affairs while preparing students for professional careers in public accounting, industry, or government. A range of accounting concepts and relationships are taught to equip students with the ability to apply solutions to management issues.

The School of Accountancy seeks high-performance students to be the business world's creative problem-solvers of the future. Degree requirements can be met in five years by enrolling in a combined bachelor's and master's degree program or by completing a full year of graduate work after the bachelor's degree. Students completing the M.P.A. program should meet the requirements of states that require a minimum of 150 semester credits to sit for the CPA exam.

A joint M.P.A./J.D. program is also available. Students must apply individually to both the M.P.A. and J.D. programs. Students admitted to both programs will be classified as M.P.A./J.D. students.

The Ph.D. in business with a specialization in accountancy is also available. This doctoral-level specialization prepares students for academic careers in financial or managerial accounting, auditing, taxation, or information systems. See the Business graduate program summary for more information about the Ph.D. program.

Courses and More

Faculty and research

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Herita Akamah

Financial Accounting; International Accounting; Earnings Management; Corporate Disclosures; Management Forecast and Tax Avoidance

Arthur Allen

Bonds; Audit Fees; Financial and Governmental Accounting

Dirk Black

James Brown, Jr.

Managerial AccountingEmeritus

Aaron Crabtree

Impact of Taxes and Audits on Capital Markets; Federal Tax Accounting

Stuart Dearden

Amanda Gonzales

Financial Accounting

Steve Hegemann

Ethics; Financial Reporting Fraud; Forensic Analysis; International Financial Reporting Standards; Moral Hazard and Unintended Consequences

Jina Morris


Tom Omer

Tax and Auditing

Linda Ruchala

Managerial Accounting; Control Systems; Public Interest; Accounting Theory; Accounting Control and Disclosure

Kelli Saunders

Judgment and Decision Making in Accounting; Auditor-to-Auditor Interactions; Auditor to Client Interactions; Audit Quality Control Mechanisms, Internal Audit, Financial Reporting and Investor Behavior

Marjorie Shelley

Tax, Auditing and Financial Accounting

Paul Shoemaker

Taxation and Public Policy

David Smith

Financial Accounting; Regulation; Securities MarketEmeritus

Jill Trucke


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