Teacher Education

Graduate Degree Program Summary

Graduate programs offered

Earn a Graduate Degree

  • MA in Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (30-36 cr, Option I, II, or III) with optional specialization:
  • MEd in Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (36 cr, Option II only)
  • EdD in Educational Studies (96 cr) with a specialization:
    • Innovative Learning Technologies
    • Teaching, Curriculum and Learning
  • PhD in Educational Studies (90 cr) with a specialization:
    • Innovative Learning Technologies
    • Teaching, Curriculum and Learning

Earn a Graduate Certificate

Certificates have their own deadlines and checklists; select one for details.

Online and Distance Opportunities

Offered online:
  • M.Ed.
  • M.A. with specialization in World Language Teaching (GOLDEN)

Other programs:
Some online coursework may be available for your program; contact dept. for details.

Contacts for Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

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Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

Graduate Chair
Dr. Loukia Sarroub

Graduate Support Staff
Kate Rask

Campus Address
118C Henzlik Hall
Lincoln NE 68588-0385

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Application checklist and deadlines

1. Required by Graduate Studies

2. Required by Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

  • Entrance exam(s):
    - Master's Applicants:  None
    - Doctoral Applicants:  GRE
  • Minimum English proficiency: Paper TOEFL 550, Internet TOEFL 79, IELTS 6.5
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Department application
  • Resume
  • Statement of goals
  • Writing sample (doctorate only)
  • Noyce teacher scholarship essay (NebraskaSCIENCE only)

When sending GRE or TOEFL scores, our institution code is 6877 and a department code is not needed.

Application Deadlines for Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education
  • Master's Applicants: February 1 for Fall. October 1 for Spring. February 1 for Summer.
  • PhD Applicants: January 15 for Fall.
  • EdD Applicants: October 1 for Spring.
  • NebraskaSCIENCE Scholarship program: February 1 for Fall.
  • Note: MA leading to Elementary Teaching and Secondary Science Certification accepting applications for Summer only. MA leading to Secondary English and Secondary Mathematics Certification accepting applications for Spring only.

Application/admission is for entry in a specific term and year. Our academic year is divided into 3 terms: Fall (August-December), Spring (January-May), and Summer (multiple sessions May-August). Some programs accept new students only in certain terms and/or years.


The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education offers master's and doctoral degrees that:

  • engage in and with current educational research
  • fit individual needs
  • offer rich opportunities to work with highly qualified faculty members who are actively engaged in cross-disciplinary scholarship focused on schools and communities
  • challenge in breadth and depth to change and improve education for all

Students will find new ways to view the work of teachers, teaching, learners, and learning. The coursework explores relationships across cultures and schooling, ethics, human well-being, and education for diversity — fostering professional development alongside preparing people for positions of leadership in varied educational settings. The programs grow educational leaders who can make a difference for the future in multiple educational settings.

For example, a student might work with a professor studying the relationships between teacher content knowledge and pedagogical understandings. Or, one could work with researchers examining the changing needs of Nebraska, the United States, and other parts of the world through multiple lenses such as multiculturalism; transnationalism; educational reform; policy implementation; second language acquisition; reading diagnosis and remediation; literacy, language, and culture; foreign language education; and instructional technologies.

The department offers a full-time, 14-month Master of Arts degree that includes courses to become a certified teacher in the State of Nebraska. Student cohorts proceed together in a collegial community of teacher-learners. Some funding is available through the NebraskaSCIENCE Scholarship program.

Some online courses are available.

Courses and More

Faculty and research

Where available, names link to bios or homepages and contact card icons () link to directory listings with address, phone, and email.

Krista Adams

Science Education; Teacher Knowledge and Practice

Theresa Catalano

Second Language Education; Applied Linguistics

Elaine Chan

Multicultural Education; Curriculum Studies; Ethnic Identity; Educational Equity Policies

Lauren Gatti

Secondary English Education; Urban Education; Teacher Conceptions

Edmund Hamann

Transnational Movement; School Reform; Policy Implementation

Aaron Johnson

Social Studies Education; Technology Integration

Lydiah Kiramba

Linguistics; Multilinguilism; Literacy

Elizabeth Lewis

Science Education; Science Teacher Professional Development

Lorraine Males

Secondary Mathematics Education; Curriculum; Professional Development

Aleidine Moeller

Foreign Language Education; Second Language Acquisition; Distance Education and Technology

Amanda Morales

Diversity & Multicultural Education; Educational Foundations; Recruitment and Retention of Undergraduate Students from Underrepresented Groups; Management & Team Building, Professional Development; Public & School Programming; Informal Science Learning

Glenn Nierman

Music Education; Assessment and Instructional Strategies

Justin Olmanson

Instructional Technology and Design

Kathy Phillips

Literacy Education; Children's Literature; Early ChildhoodGraduate Faculty Associate

John Raible

Multicultural Education; Family Diversity; Racial Integration

Jenelle Reeves

Teacher Reasoning in Multilingual Classrooms

Loukia Sarroub

Literacy Studies; Ethnography; Qualitative Research Methods; Educational Policy and Social Analysis

Lawrence Scharmann

Science Education

Wendy Smith

NebraskaMATH Research CoordinatorGraduate Faculty Associate

Allen Steckelberg

Instructional Technology; Role of Paraprofessionals

Amanda Thomas

Math Education; Technology Integration

Guy Trainin

Literacy; Motivation; Arts and Literacy Integration

Kara Viesca

Educator Development for Teachers of Multilingual Learners; The Actual Policies and Implementation of New Teacher Evaluation Systems

Stephanie Wessels

Early Childhood; Language and Literacy; ESL Education

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