Nebraska Writing Project

The Nebraska Writing Project, a network of professional educators and affiliated writers, provides opportunities to improve, enhance and celebrate writing for classrooms and communities across Nebraska.

Belief Statements

  • The best teachers of writing are writers themselves.
  • Teachers provide the best instruction for other teachers.
  • Anyone, no matter their ability level, can improve their writing in a supportive context with other practicing writers.
  • True school reform comes through democratic partnerships across grade levels.
  • Teachers, students and communities benefit when teachers form networks with other teachers and draw on collective expertise.


  1. To provide educators, through continuing Nebraska Writing Project programs, opportunities to:
    1. write,
    2. network with other teachers,
    3. reflect on and improve teaching, and
    4. act publicly to improve education in our state and region.
  2. To provide schools, colleges, and universities with an effective professional development model.
  3. To identify, celebrate, and enhance the professional roles of successful classroom teachers.

More Information

To learn more, proceed to the Nebraska Writing Project website for detailed information regarding the project and applying for any of the Nebraska Writing Project institutes.

Once you have been accepted into a Nebraska Writing Project institute, you will learn more about the easy process Teach Nebraska has designed for your university admission and course registration.