Square One: Webinars for first-year graduate students

Welcome to your first year of graduate school.  This webinar series, presented by the Office of Graduate Studies, will help you get a good start and stay on track throughout your graduate career at Nebraska.  Each webinar is led by one of our Graduate Ambassadors and consists of a 15-minute presentation followed by a live Q&A session with a guest presenter.

If you pre-register we'll send you a reminder email with a link to join the webinars you're interested in. Otherwise, you'll need to return to this page and click the appropriate link to join.

We're delivering these webinars via Zoom, so download the free Zoom app or browser extension to your computer or mobile device to prepare.
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DateWebinar TopicWebinar Link

2:00 PM

Making a Good Start
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," wrote Lao-Tzu. This adage certainly applies to your first semester of graduate school—but your journey doesn't need to be so long if you step in the right direction. This webinar highlights the importance of making a good start to your degree program and gives suggestions for "first steps" in several areas pertaining to graduate study.

2:00 PM
Campus Safety and Preparedness
Topics include an overview of preparing for severe weather (winter is coming), safe commuting tips, on-campus after dark, and crime prevention and reporting. An officer from University Police will be on hand to answer questions.
2:00 PM
Balancing Life and Work in Graduate School
Graduate school can feel like a juggling act: being a good student, researcher, and colleague while also taking care of yourself. Join this webinar for tips on leading a balanced life. We’ll share tried and true techniques for succeeding in all aspects of graduate school while staying grounded in friends and family.
2:00 PM

Staying on Track: Mapping Your Degree Program
Start your program off on the right foot by plotting your course this semester and beyond. Learn about the major milestones for your specific degree program, how to measure your progress, and the people at UNL who can help you stay on track. This session will provide degree overviews for master’s and doctoral students.

2:00 PM

Individual Development Plans
Graduate study provides an opportunity to dramatically advance your career, but if you don't actively develop your skills and expand your experiences, the years as a graduate student can delay you. It's vital to take a proactive and directed approach to qualify yourself for your ultimate career. This webinar outlines an approach to do just that.

Questions about these webinars?  Contact Neal Bryan, Associate Director of Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Development.