Based on costs of chapter maintenance, membership programming, and social events, financial responsibility is extremely important to individual chapters. The cost of belonging to a chapter is generally the most expensive during the first year of membership. It is important that a potential new member joining a chapter understands and is able to meet the financial obligations associated with membership.

Each chapter provides the opportunity for members to live in the chapter house at some point. Fraternities allow freshmen to live-in, while most sororities have room beginning your sophomore year. The live-in costs are a compilation of all costs incurred by a member living in the chapter house such as room, board, and other mandatory fees.

Average Expenses (11 responses)

A number of Fraternities hold policies precluding them from publishing their financial data. Be sure to find out about cost when participating in the recruitment process.

Average Chapter Capacity 70
Average Room & Board $9,500
Average Live-Out Fee $1,800
Average Security Deposit $250
Average New Member Fees $395

Live-Out Fee

When a member lives outside the house, you are required to pay a live-out fee. Live-out costs include such things as maintenance fees, social dues, and occasional meals. Live-in and live-out fees are usually paid in installments, but many chapters offer alternative payment plans. It is important to note that each chapter has its own criteria concerning which members may live in or live out of the chapter house.