GSA Committees

GSA Committees

Academic Affairs

The Committee for Academic Affairs shall identify and advocate on behalf of graduate and professional students regarding any issues pertaining to academic affairs, including, but not limited to, access to facilities and funding for research, the faculty-graduate student mentoring relationship, and academic policies pertaining to graduate and professional education and teaching for graduate and professional students.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Committee for Diversity and Inclusion shall encourage and promote participation by students from throughout the University community, including, but not limited to, students from racial and ethnic minorities, international students, women, the LGBTQA+ community, and distance learning students, and ensure that GSA programming is available and pertinent to the diverse graduate and professional student community. 

Graduate Travel Awards Program (GTAP)

The Committee for Graduate Travel Awards shall manage the Graduate Travel Awards Program (GTAP) as defined in the Special Rules.

Professional Development

The Committee for Professional Development shall coordinate and implement a series of activities to promote the development of graduate and professional students, including but not limited to, networking activities, guest lectures, and career development workshops, and shall manage the Special Projects Grants Program (SPGP).

Quality of Life

The Committee for Quality of Life shall attend to issues relevant to graduate and professional student life including, but not limited to, housing, transportation and parking, child care, and health benefits, and shall organize events or develop policies that support the improvement of graduate and professional students' quality of life.

Social Events

The Committee for Social Events shall plan, coordinate, and execute social events throughout the fall and spring semesters for all graduate and professional students, including those for Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week (GSAW), and shall organize and staff all GSA activities during new graduate student welcome.


The Committee for Communications shall create, facilitate, and maintain all forms of communication for GSA as necessary, including but not limited to: email accounts, official website, and social media. This Committee has the authority to supervise (but not use any email not assigned to the Committee) official GSA email accounts, make requested changes to Committee websites as requested by Committee Chairs and approved by the Executive Committee, make changes to the GSA website as approved by the Executive Committee and the General Assembly, and create and post in social media accounts as approved by the Executive Committee and the General Assembly, or in emergency/exceptional circumstances only, by the Executive Committee.

Join a Committee

All GSA representatives are assigned to a committee by the Executive Vice President. Any graduate student at the University can apply to be an at-large member of a GSA committee.
To apply to be an at-large member of a GSA committee send an email with your request to, and briefly explain your motivations and interests.