Graduate teaching assistant at the chalkboard
Image by flickr/Ciro Cattuto

As a graduate teaching assistant, you fulfill a variety of important roles while teaching undergraduates at UNL. In addition to being an instructor, you may also serve as a tutor, an advisor, a facilitator, and a mentor. In some cases, you may even be the first contact undergraduates have with your discipline. You are an essential element in the path to success of every student you meet, as you engage them in the learning process and provide the feedback and guidance they need to improve their academic performance.

Good teaching doesn't just happen. It takes a great deal of planning, effort, organization and hard work. Add to this mixture assessment and reflection and you have the ingredients for effective, skillful teaching.

See also the Instructional Development section of UNL's Graduate Career and Professional Development site.

Just the beginning…

This online handbook provides resources to help you explore new approaches to teaching.

For more detailed and comprehensive information on TA matters, we strongly encourage you to consult:
  • your supervising professor
  • your academic advisor
  • your department head
  • your college dean
  • the Office of Graduate Studies