The best approach you can take to your role as a teaching assistant or instructor is to understand well your responsibilities and the general principles of ethical and conscientious teaching.

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TA Roles and Responsibilities

Your instructional role depends on your teaching assignment. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of common graduate TA assignments at UNL.

How to Get the Most out of Being a TA

The experience of planning, leading, and assessing the learning experiences of others is an important element of your professional development. Take advantage of this significant opportunity!

Fairness in the Classroom

You'll simultaneously fill roles such as advisor, evaluator, exam proctor, authority figure, and peer. Use the guidelines in this section to avoid conflict or allegations of unfair treatment.

Ethical Considerations

This section identifies some critical ethical principles, and some examples of how to apply them.

Ensuring Student Privacy

The confidentiality of student records is protected by U.S. federal law. This section provides UNL policies and best practices.

Creating a Safe Learning Environment

To do your job well, you must be sensitive to the varied backgrounds and needs of all of your students.