Preparing to Teach

Course Preparation

Course preparation is a significant component of teaching. Though often invisible to students, thorough preparation is the most critical factor in classroom success.

  1. anticipating the needs and expectations of your students
  2. establishing learning goals
  3. selecting instructional strategies to support those goals
  4. deciding how and when to assess student learning outcomes
  5. detailing this plan in an effective syllabus
  6. setting the classroom tone for the semester
  7. being prepared for every class period

Planning Your Course

– Save time and effort by making these decisions about your course before the semester begins.
– Learn how to become a learner-centered teacher.

Creating a Syllabus

Like a blueprint for a building, an effective syllabus helps explain the details of a course, the intended final products, and the plan to accomplish them.

The First Day of Class

You get only one chance to make a first impression. Be prepared and be enthusiastic!

Building Rapport

Good rapport between instructor and students is arguably the most important factor in good classroom dynamics.