27th Annual Campuswide Workshops for Graduate TAs

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 • Nebraska Union & Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center

Updates for this year coming soon

Meanwhile these pages still show last year's details to give you an idea of what kind of events and sessions to expect.

This year's program will feature various teaching skills sessions, a lunch buffet, and a set of disciplinary breakout sessions, all sponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Anton Tolman, Ph.D.Keynote Speaker

Anton Tolman is Professor of Behavioral Science at Utah Valley University. He received his degree from the University of Oregon in Clinical Psychology and worked in clinical practice for many years before joining the academy. He is past Director for the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence at UVU where he led the university’s faculty development program for almost seven years. His current research is focused primarily on student and faculty resistance, metacognition, and power dynamics in the classroom, and he and colleagues recently published Why Students Resist Learning: A Practical Model for Understanding and Helping Students from Stylus Publishing.

Signal, Not Noise: Becoming a Better Teacher By Listening to Student ResistanceKeynote Session

Student resistance to active learning is a regular and expected occurrence for those teaching in higher education. Instructors naturally tend to see it as “noise” that obscures or interferes with the teaching “signal” they are trying to send. However, if we can begin to understand that resistance is actually a signal from the students and learn to interpret it, we can reduce their resistance and create more effective learning environments.