UNL | David Henderson (Photos)

This is Marianne and I on our Honeymoon in the mountains of North Carolina Marianne and I
This is Boris, the best dog ever. Raised on a bottle from one week, this gentle little Pitbull/Boxer mix always reflected a good will in the Humean rather than Kantian sense. Boris my best ever dog
While hiking Cathedral Rock, Terry Horgan seems to disregard a direct order!
Visiting at Mark VanRoojen's cabin, Marianne find herself at the end of the industrial food chain.
Visiting Mark's cabin in February I think about the road ahead.

Here a small falls enters Big Creek in the Smokey Mountain National Park. The picture was taken while backpacking in January 2009.

Big Creek while backpacking January 09

The highest backcountry campground in the Smokey Mountain National Park, on Mount Sterling, has an old fire tower at its peak. This is the view in October.

The view from Mt Sterling in the Smokey Mountains in October