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The papers here are mostly PDF. Typically, for recent works, the PDF is of a late draft of the paper. It is supposed that most who are viewing these pages will have electronic access to the journals in which the paper is published. If this is not the case, one is advised to email me, and I may be able to supply a PDF of the paper from the journal.

Current Works in Progress:

What's the Point? in David Henderson and John Greco, eds., Point and Purpose in Epistemic Evaluation. Oxford University Press. (forthcoming). Download PDF

The Problem of Easy Knowledge and How to Conceive of Epistemic Entitlement (with Terry Horgan), (A discussion of the Problem of Easy Knowledge.) Download

In Epistemology:

Many of the ideas presented in the papers below are developed more fully in a book: The Epistemologiccal Spectrum (Henderson and Horgan), Oxford University Press. 2011.

"Gate-Keeping Contextualism," Episteme (forthcoming). Download PDF

"Epistemic Virtues and Cognitive Dispositions," (with Terry Horgan), in K. Steuber, G. Damschen, and  R. Schnepf (eds.), Debating Dispositions: Issues in Metaphysics, Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind, Berlin: DeGruyter (2009). Download PDF

"Motivated Contextualism" Philosophical Studies (2009) 142:119-131. Download PDF

"Would You Really Rather Be Lucky Than Good? On the Normative Status of Naturalizing Epistemology" (with Terry Horgan), in Naturalism, Reference and Ontology: Essays in Honor of Roger F. Gibson, Chase Wrenn (ed), Lang Publishing (2008) pp. 47-76. Download PDF

"Testimonial Belief and Epistemic Competence," Nous (2008): 190-221. Download PDF

"Transglobal Reliabilism" (with Terry Horgan), Croatian Journal of Philosophy, (2006): 171-95. Download PDF

(A more developed version is to be found in, "The Ins and Outs of Transglobal Reliabilism" (with Terry Horgan), in Sanford Goldberg (ed.), Internalism and Externalism in Semantics and Epistemology, Oxford University Press (2007), pp. 100-130.)

"Practicing Safe Epistemology," (with Terry Horgan), Philosophical Studies 102 (2001): 227-58. Download PDF

"Iceberg Epistemology." (with Terry Horgan), Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 61 (2000), 497-535. Download PDF

"Epistemic Competence and Contextualist Epistemology: Why Contextualism in Not Just the Poor Person's Coherentism," The Journal of Philosophy 91 (1994), 627-49. Download PDF

"Epistemic Competence," Philosophical Papers 23 (1994), 139-67. Download PDF

In the Philosophy of Social Science:

"Let's Be Flexible? (On the place and limits of Simulation in History and the Social Sciences) Journal of the Philosophy of History (forthcoming). Download PDF

"Rationality Naturalized and Rationalizing Explanation," Philosophy of Social Science (2010), 30-58. Download PDF

"Rationality and Rationalist Approaches in the Social Sciences" in Stephen Turner and William Outwaite (eds.), Handbook of Social Science Methodology, Sage Publishing (2007), pp. 282-301. Download PDF

"Norms, Invariance, and Explanatory Relevance," Philosophy of the Social Sciences 35 (2005): 324 - 338. Download PDF

"Norms, Normative Principles, and Explanation" Philosophy of Social Science 32 (2002), 329-364. Download PDF

"Conceptual Schemes After Davidson," in Preyer, Siebelt, and Ulfig (eds.), Language and Philosophy: On Donald Davidson's Philosophy. Kluwer (1994).Download PDF

"On the Testability of Psychological Generalizations," Philosophy of Science 58 (1991), 586-606Download PDF

"The Principle of Charity and the Problem of Irrationality," in Synthese 73 (1987), 225-52. Download PDF