2016 - 2017 End of Semester Cancellation Request

If you are cancelling or considering cancellation you should meet with your RD as soon as possible and he/she will help you make the appropriate decisions/complete a proper check out. Not meeting with an RD and doing an appropriate check out with an RA can cause an extra fee for imporper checkout of $50 beyond the normal fees associated with making a move. If you have questions about the information you are providing in this form, see your RD, and/or ask at the front desk for help finding a staff member.

Cancelling your housing contract may result in a substantial cancellation fee that is 40% of the remaining contract. An example would be a student living in a single bedroom suite in Knoll and has a 7 day meal contract, would have a cancellation fee that is approximately $2108. To determine charges before deciding to cancel, contact Housing Contracts at (402) 472-3561, or review the Housing Policy Booklet available on-line here. Residents canceling their contract must move out and check out with an RA before 10 AM Saturday, December 17, 2016.

Select an option below if you are certain you are cancelling your housing contract.
*Note that cancelling your contract and reamining a student can have severe contract penalties. Before making a commitment to a lease or payment, be sure you follow up with University Housing. A great first step is contacting your RD.
Select an option in this box if you are thinking about possibly cancelling your housing Contract for the following reason:
*Note that cancelling your contract and remaining a student can have severe contract penalties. Before making a commitment to a lease or payment, be sure you follow up with University Housing. A great first step is contacting your RD.

Information Systems Student Worker Application

Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete this application.

Positions currently available:

Housing IS Assistant

University Housing is one of the larger units on campus with over 300 PCs that support housing administrative, dining, catering and retail store computing needs.

University Housing Technology Solutions is seeking self-motivated individuals with basic computer technology knowledge and excellent customer service skills to fill vacant student worker positions. The positions provide part time hours (15-25 hrs/week) during the school year and the opportunity to work full time hours during the summer. Schedules are flexible and can be set to meet employees’ needs as long as they fit within the 8am to 6pm hours of operation..

Through phone, email, face-to-face, and/or a ticketing system the Housing Technology Solutions team provides high quality Information Systems support to the UNL Housing department employees. The team also maintains all Information Systems equipment for the Housing department. The day to day task of employees can vary from imaging and deploying computer workstations to helping a housing employee walk though steps of changing their active directory password.

Must be dependable and work well with other team members (experience installing and troubleshooting Windows PCs preferred). Customer service experience preferred. Qualified candidates must apply via this online application form.

Note: Housing IS does not support the computer labs nor the student network connections within the residence halls. Both of these functions are supported by UNL Information Services - not Housing.

Student Family Housing Application

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