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Czech Language at UNL


Study of the Czech Language at UNL

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers a variety of Czech courses every year, starting at the 101-level and progressing to the 300-level. Students even have a chance to minor in Czech after taking it through the 300-level. All courses are taught by a native Czech speaker who the Czech government sends as a lecturer to the University. We also offer a range of online courses to fit anyone’s schedule.

And if you take Czech, you'll get your books for free. The Czech Language Foundation will provide reimbursement for required language learning materials for Czech language classes (101 and 102) at UNL. The Czech Language Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting the study of the Czech language and culture.

Courses in the Czech program include:

  • CZECH 101 - Beginning Czech (5 credits)

Phonetics, grammer, etymology. An introduction to Slavic linguistics. Reading of elementary verse and prose.

  • CZECH 102 - Beginning Czech (5 credits)
A continuation of CZECH 101. Grammar, word structure, idioms. Reading of the easier Czech classics.
  • CZECH 201 - Second-Year Czech (3 credits)

Review of grammar. Reading of representative writers of verse and prose.

  • CZECH 202 - Second Year Czech (3 credits)

A continuation of CZECH 201. Reading of the more difficult Czech classics with emphasis on drama.

  • CZECH 301 - Representative Authors I (3 credits)

Masterpieces of Czech literature from the 9th to the 20th century. The fate of literary language. Oral and written essays.

  • CZECH 302 - Representative Authors II (3 credits)

Continuation of CZECH 301. Czech literature and theory of the 20th century. The contemporary situation including emigre authors. The relationship of Czech literature to the literature of other Western cultures.

  • CZECH 398 - Special Topics in Czech (3 credits)

Consideration of topics in the area of language, literature, and civilization. Specific topics to be covered in any given semester will be determined by the instructor at that time.


  • Small class sizes with foster a sense of community and lots of individual attention. This is essential for learning another language and often hard to achieve in a University setting.
  • Learn from a native speaker.
  • The University of Nebraska has one of the only and best Czech language programs in the country.
  • Free books.
  • All students who attend traditional-style classes receive a $300 grant from the Czech Language Foundation for studying Czech.
  • Most of all, it’s fun!
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