The Lentz Collection for Asian Culture

Our culture is very young and still building its traditions. The Asian cultures are very old. It is very important that we become aware of these traditions.

Donald Lentz (1908-1987)
former UNL faculty member
and Director of UNL Band (1937-1973)

The Lentz Center for Asian Culture (Lentz Center) was established in 1984 by Don and Velma Lentz and the University of Nebraska Foundation. The Lentz Center was dedicated in 1986 with the purpose of recognizing the rich and varied cultures of the many diverse peoples of Asia and to encourage the understanding between East and West.

Love Library, with the support of the Office of the Chancellor, has the honor of placing on exhibit signature pieces from this diverse collection. The exhibit embodies the University's strong commitment to fostering multicultural understand through an appreciation of Asian cultures. The collection contains artifacts which will provide students, Nebraska citizens and other visitors the opportunity to understand and appreciate more about Asian cultures through art, artifacts, and opportunities for research.

Don and Velma Lentz