Green Living

Sustainable Lincoln

The Mayor's Environmental Task Force curates and assesses the Sustainable Lincoln Plan to fulfill the promise to make Lincoln a sustainable city.


The spring brings farmers markets to several locations in the city and Lincoln has several natural foods storefronts.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local
Farmers' Markets

Natural Foods, CSAs and Specialty Grocers
Akins Natural Foods Market
Open Harvest Natural Foods Cooperative Grocery
Natural Grocers
Leon's Gourmet Grocer
Trader Joe's
Whole Foods
Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) near Lincoln

Sunken Gardens park

The city of Lincoln offers over 20 locations for recycling.

Private recycling companies include:
Lincoln Journal Star Recycling


Bus Service
Employees with a UNL ID and StarTran Bus Pass have access to unlimited service. Bus passes are issued at no charge to employees who purchase an annual, semester or nine month parking permit.

With over 131 miles of bike trails and in 2016 the addition of the "N" Street cycle track, Nebraska’s first and only protected bikeway, Lincoln is one of the most bikable cities in the Midwest.

Great Plains Trail Network

Lincoln bike path downtown