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You know that your curiosity and love of the renaissance period took you on an incredible and fascinating journey that led to where you are today. We want to use your story to help students carve their own path.

How did curiosity move you to where you are today?

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Giving back, providing support

We appreciate the support of our alumni, faculty, friends of the program, and the surrounding Nebraskan community. We appreciate their support and we love to support them in return!

We very much believe in being part of the wider Lincoln community. We also strive to cultivate our standing in the international scholarly community as a place known for world-class scholarship; tirelessly working to provide activities for the general public as well as scholars; supporting faculty and students so they can receive grants, fellowships, and awards for their work; and providing outstanding teaching and mentorship.

Thanks to the support of James Arthur Vineyards, we are able to provide a fellowship to our graduate students so they can conduct research and present that information at conferences. This effort joins together the aims to be part of the local community, to help our students succeed, and to cultivate a strong place within the international scholarly community.

Here is a video of the play we performed on May 21, 2016, at the James Arthur Vineyard's annual Renaissance Fair! We love giving back!

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