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Newberry Library Consortium Member

Both our students and our faculty are greatly assisted in their research goals by our affiliation with the Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library, which allows us to participate in programs both at the Newberry Library in Chicago and raises UNL’s national profile as a premier research institution.
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Eder Jaramillo at the Newberry
Eder Jaramillo examines a book of hours at the Newberry Library during a workshop

Partnership with the University of York

Read more about our new partnership with the University of York!
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Andrea Nichols presents her dissertation work
Andrea Nichols presents her research June 9, 2015 in England for her dissertation on readers marks in English histories. Her talk was sponsored by the Cabinet of Curiosities at University of York, and Dustin Neighbors is seen introducing her.


Graduate students in the program are invited to give papers as part of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Lecture Series. These presentations allow students to present their research in a friendly environment while getting feedback from faculty and students. If you wish to give a presentation, please email the current Program Director or Graduate Assistant.
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Adam Lambert presents his senior honors thesis.
Adam Lambert (B.A., 2015), presents his senior honors thesis at the Agincourt Celebration in fall 2015.

History of Prints

Undergraduate and graduate students can be involved with the Sheldon Museum of Art through Dr. Alison Stewart's fall "History of Prints: New Media of the Renaissance" course which results in a collection publication (fall 2011; fall 2013) and exhibit in the Sheldon.

See our Resources page for more information about the amazing late medieval and early modern prints at the Sheldon.

Sheldon Volunteer Docents

Docents are dedicated volunteer staff who are passionate about art, learning, and Sheldon Museum of Art. They give tours and provide information about artwork on display to more than 8,000 Lincoln Public School 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, as well as members of the public. Prior experience with teaching and art is not necessary, although it can be helpful. Learn more.

International Quilt Study Center & Museum: Collections Volunteers and Docents

Collections volunteers assist in the care of the quilt collection, with training required and an average of 3 hours per month working. Docents lead guided exhibition tours for adults and children, with a commitment to ongoing training and an average of one tour a month. Learn more at the bottom of linked page.


History 895: Internship in Digital Humanities

For graduate and undergraduate students interested in internship opportunities at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities (CDRH), please contact Katherine Walter at Graduate internships are typically a semester-long commitment and offer the individual a broad overview of digital scholarship. These can be combined with independent study. Internships are also offered through the Cather Project and other projects in partnership with the Center. For college credit as part of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities, see the interdisciplinary MODL 895, 895E, and 895H "Internship in Digital Humanities."

University of Nebraska Press Internship

Work in HIST 993 "Press Internship" is supervised by the History, Geography, and Environmental Studies acquisitions editor at the University of Nebraska Press. Its counterpart in the Department of English is ENGL 895B "Internship: Publishing", section 001: "University Press," supervised by the American Studies, Cultural Criticism, and Creative Works aquisitions editor.  The students get an understanding of the tasks involved in working for the major press and preparing academic historical books for publication. Learn more.

Nebraska History Museum

There are internships, work study positions, and volunteer opportunities in the museum collections of the Nebraska History Museum. Learn more.

International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)

Graduate intern (paid by the hour), based in the College of Business Administration on UNL City Campus. Learn more.

Lincoln Children's Museum

They have internships, volunteer, and paid employment opportunities. Learn more.

The Durham Museum

This is the history museum in Omaha. They have internships and paid employment opportunities.

Summer Institute for Online Teaching

The Summer Institute takes both the novice and experienced online instructor through the steps of course development and explores various facets of online teaching.

The five-week Summer Institute for Online Teaching (SIOT), funded by the Office of Online & Distance Education and in partnership with Information Services, focuses on the development and use of pedagogical strategies, as well as complementary technology tools that facilitate online learning. Participants engage in face-to-face and online sessions, small group discussions, learning activities, and optional technology workshops.

SIOT is offered online via Blackboard with three face-to-face meetings and is facilitated by faculty experienced in teaching distance education courses. The institute will focus on four skills critical to online teaching: planning, communication, evaluation, and management skills. Topics will include developing an online course, writing an online syllabus, creating a performance-based assessment, planning online activities and resources, initiating and moderating discussion groups, and managing a course (time, record-keeping, students). Online technology training will provide hands-on practice and opportunities to create online course components. Learn more.

Innovation in Pedagogy and Technology symposium

This symposium is for any NU faculty and staff member who is involved with the use of technology in education at all levels. The 2015 Symposium drew more than 500 NU faculty, staff, and IT professionals from across the four campuses for a day of discovery and networking. It is annually hosted (normally in May) in the downtown Lincoln Cornhusker Marriott. Learn more.

UNL Training

UNL offers free courses to students and staff in basic training on technology (Microsoft Office programs, Blackboard, etc). Visit this page, for more. You will need to sign in using your UNL credentials.

Southeast Community College offers continuing education courses in Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop, and website building.

Preparing Future Faculty

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program at UNL is a professional development opportunity for advanced doctoral students interested in pursuing a faculty position.

Through PFF, participants learn about faculty roles and responsibilities (research/scholarship, teaching, service) and gain direct knowledge of the diversity of higher education institutions (large public research, liberal arts, comprehensive, private religious, etc.) through a structured mentoring experience with partner institution mentors. Those who complete the PFF program are better prepared for the academic job search and are more successful in their first faculty position. Learn more.

National History Day: Nebraska

The National History Day program is a year-long education program that culminates in a national contest every June. The Nebraska state-wide judging for who gets to go on to the national contest in June is in April at the Nebraska Wesleyan campus. A packet of rules and a brief training session is provided before the judging begins. You get the opportunity to meet and work with college faculty, undergraduates/alumni, graduate students, librarians, and public school teachers. Learn more.

Community College Leadership Certificate (CCLC)

For those interested in teaching at a community college, the CCLC is a rare opportunity through the Educational Administration branch of the College of Education and Human Sciences. It is five courses, all taught online (three in the fall, two in the spring), and can be done as a stand-alone certificate.


There are a wide variety of local colleges and universities where you can apply to adjunct teach and gain experience in a different classroom size and setting than is available at UNL. See the PFF "Partner Institutions" page for a description of the area colleges. There is also Union College within Lincoln; and Southeast Community College which has a campus branch in downtown Lincoln.

Other Career Experience