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  • The Versatile PhD. UNL has an institutional-wide subscription, so no matter your department or field, you can log-in and access all of the resources. You can find the same link for institutional access by going to VersatilePhD and clicking on UNL in the "Subscribing Institutions" section at the bottom of the homepage. This website provides information on how other people have found and marketed themselves for a career path of "both/or" academia and non-academic jobs. They have job listings, Q&A seminars, and forums where you can ask questions. As with most social media, as long as you don't use a photo or your real name (which can identify you) or provide any other identifiable material, any posting you make is confidential, because you get to choose your username (it does not automatically pull your UNL MyRed/Blackboard name even though you use that to log-in.
  • To go back to the Graduate Studies Career and Professional Development site, there is a non-academic job page.