Music and Art

The Arts

Humanism encouraged a rebirth of the arts, with painting developing realism and depth with new methods, and music developing more variety in its components and instruments. An emblem book is also included, given its image-heavy nature.

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Catholic Church

Psalterium Bituricense : continens psalmos, cantica, Cantus psalmi Venite, Commune Sanctorum, &c. / illustrissimi ac reverendissimi in Christo Patris ... Frederici Hieronymi de Roye de La Rochefoucauld

Paris: Ex typographiâ Petri Simon ..., 1741

Adoption Price: $50


Abbé Jean-Baptiste Dubos (1670-1742)

Critical reflections on poetry, painting and music. With an inquiry into the rise and progress of the theatrical entertainments of the ancients. Written in French by the Abbé Du Bos. Tr. into English by Thomas Nugent, gent

London, Printed for J. Nourse, 1748

Adoption Price: $25


Photo of Dance of Death by Holbien
The title page for Hans Holbien's Dance of Death . Copyright: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University Libraries.

Hans Holbein (1497-1543)

The dance of death; painted by H. Holbein, and engraved by Wenceslaus Hollar

[London, 1794?]

Adoption Price: $250

Hans Holbein (1497-1543)

The family of Sir Thomas More : facsimiles of the drawings by Hans Holbein the Younger from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle

Johnson Reprint Company, 1977

Adoption Price: $50


George Wither (1588-1667), Crispin van de Passe (c.1565-1637)

A Collection of Emblems, ancient and modern

London, A. M. for Henry Taunton, and to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstanes Church-yard, 1635

Note: The 200 plates of the emblems were engraved by Crispin de Passe and originally appeared in the Emblemata Sacra of Rollenhagius, 1611-1613. The emblems are moralistic or poetic in nature, with a brief saying under each image.

Adoption Price: $50