Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Courses open only to graduate students are in orange 
AHIS 226 "Northern Renaissance Art" with Dr. Alison Stewart
AHIS 318 "Late Medieval Art" (1100-1500) with Dr. Alison Stewart
ENGL 230 "English Authors before 1800" (instructor TBA)
ENGL 230A "Shakespeare" with Dr. Stephen Buhler
ENGL 362 "Intro to Medieval Literature" with Dr. Kelly Stage
ENGL 401/801 “Renaissance Drama” with Dr. Kelly Stage
ENGL 489/889 "Medieval Literature & Theology" with Dr. Stephen Lahey
ENGL 963 "Seminar in Renaissance Literature" with Dr. Julia Schleck
FREN 929: Survey of Medieval and Renaissance Literature (taught in French), with Dr. Nora Peterson

HIST 216 "History of Christianity" with Dr. Amy Burnett
HIST/MRST 231 "History of England up to the Glorious Revolution" with Dr. Carole Levin
HIST/MRST 414/814 "Medieval Culture" with Dr. Jessica Coope
HIST 432/832 "England from Reformation to Glorious Revolution" with Dr. Carole Levin
HIST 931 "Seminar in Early Modern European History" with Dr. Amy Burnett
MUS 486/886 "Renaissance Music" with Dr. Pamela Starr (see attached flier)
SPAN 473/873 "Don Quixote" with Dr. Oscar Pereira

Summer 2015

(May 18-June 5) ENGL-330A "Shakespeare on Screen" with Dr. Stephen Buhler

Spring 2015

AHIS 322: "High Renaissance"
Introduction to the painting, sculpture, and architecture in Italy from the late 15th to the mid-16th century.
AHIS 926: "Seminar in Northern Renaissance"
See the attached posters (#1, #2, #3) for more information about the course
CLAS 283: "Epic Tales"
Survey of epics and their meaning, ranging from ancient epics to the Medieval and Renaissance epic literature including selected epics with their criticisms and influences.
ENGL 230A: "Shakespeare"
Introductory study of a representative sample of Shakespeare's works. Some films of dramatic performances may be shown.
ENGL 230: "Authors before 1800"
ENGL 363 : "Intro to Renaissance Lit"
ENGL 487: English Capstone experience, with Prof. Stephen Buhler
HIST 211: "History of the Middle Ages"
Course covers the transition from ancient to Medieval civilization; the so-called Dark Ages; the late Medieval Renaissance and the dawn of the modern era.
HIST/RELG 216: "History of Christianity" 
The class meets at 11:00 Tu/Th. Students can register for it as either history or religious studies credit.
HIST 932: "Seminar in Early Modern Europe"
MRST / ENGL / FREN 388: "Body Language: Love, Politics, and the Self in French Literature"
MWF 12:30-1:20pm. See attached flier for more information about the course topic
RELG 220: "Reason & Religion"
Will be a survey of medieval thought
RELG 398: "Special Topics in Religous Studies: Mysticism & Mystical Experience"
See attached flier for more information about the course topic

Fall 2014

No records

Summer 2014

This course is being offered in the first summer session  June 9- July 11 and would be valuable.
AHIS: "Renaissance Art: Context, Technique, and Scientific Examination" 
MWF 1:00-3:30
Amy Morris
Richard Hall 14​
Description: Typically Renaissance art courses focus on the careers of the most famous artists of the period. This approach neglects many aspects of artistic production including function and technique. This course will focus on the circumstances surrounding the creation of various types of art works and their use or purpose. Additionally, it will explore how art was made and the scientific methods used to study it. 
Note: If a student took AHIS398 last summer (2013) then it is not advised that the student enroll in AHIS398 this summer. The course will duplicate about 50% of the content from last summer.

Spring 2014

Courses open only to graduate students are in orange 
AHIS 231: "Baroque Art"
 T/Th 2:00-3:15 Bolland 
AHIS 298: "Special Topics in Art History: Ancient Mesoamerica"  T/Th 9:30-10:45 Staff
AHIS 398: Special Topics in Art History: "Colonial Mexico"  T/Th 3:30-4:45 Staff
AHIS 498/898: "Space, Time, and Transformation in Early Mexico" M 11:30-2:00 Staff
CLAS/HIST 315: "The Medieval World: Byzantium"  T/Th 2:00-3:15, Avery Hall 118
Byzantium is the name given to the Eastern Roman Empire in the Middle Ages, which lasted from 330 to 1453 CE. This course will explore key dimensions of its social, economic and cultural developments, the role of Byzantium in world history, and the nature of the Byzantine legacy in contemporary Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans.
For more information please contact the instructor at efa@unl.edu if you need more information.
ENGL 230: "English Authors to 1800" T R 9:30-10:45 Vespa
ENGL 230AH: "Honors Shakespeare" T R 2:00 - 3:15 Schleck
ENGL 487 English Capstone experience: "Shakespeare & His Interpreters" MW 1:30-2:45 Buhler
FREN 398 Special Topics: "Love, Politics & the Self" MWF 12:30-1:20 Peterson
FREN 445/885: "Seventeenth Century Theatre" MWF 1;30-2:20 Carr – this course is conducted in French
HIST 212: "History of Early Modern Europe: Renaissance to the French Revolution"  MWF 11:30-12:20 Probasco
HIST 319: "The Crusades" MWF  1:30-2:20 Coope
HIST/MRST 322: "European Culture in the Confessional Age 1550-1700" MWF 11:30-12:20 Burnett
This course examines the important transitional period in European history between 1550-1700, an age of crisis and instability as Europeans moved from medieval modes of thought to more modern ways of thinking.  The course examines the long-term impact of the Reformation, including the development of Baroque art and architecture as a form of visual propaganda.  It also considers the changes in political structures that contributed to a century of warfare and the rise of absolute monarchies, as well as the new perception of the world caused by the Scientific Revolution and the European exploration of the New World.
HIST 329: "Women in European History" T R 11:00-12:15 Medici-Thiemann
HIST 397 Special Topics in History: "The Age of Exploration" MWF 9:30-10:20 Probasco
HIST 931 Readings and Problems in Early Modern European History: "Persecution, Toleration and Religious Co-existence" W 3:00-5:20 Burnett
HIST 932 Seminar in Early Modern European History: "Persecution, Toleration and Religious Co-existence" W 3:00-5:20 Burnett
Professor Amy Burnett will be offering a new course combination, HIST 931/932, “Persecution, Toleration and Religious Co-existence in Early Modern Europe,” which grows out of the NEH Summer Seminar that she co-led this past summer.  The course will begin by looking at some of the important theoretical approaches to persecution and toleration in the middle ages, and go up through the eighteenth century. Students working in the modern period on issues of persecution and/or toleration might be interested in the seminar as a way of gaining a background to more recent developments. Students wanting to deepen their knowledge of the topic by writing a historiographical paper on a specific issue should register for HIST 931 (Readings and Problems); those wanting to do original research in the area should register for HIST 932 (Seminar).

LATN 456: "Latin of the Middle Ages" MWF 1:30-2:20 Lahey
RELG 206: "Ways of Western Religion" T R 2:00-3:15 Turner
RELG 381: "Topics in Religion and Popular Culture" MWF 10:30-11:20 Lahey
UNHON UHON 395H: "Historic/Literary Retellings" T 11:30-2:00 Levin

Fall 2013

AHIS  476/876 - "History of Prints" (see flier)
CLAS  180 - Classical Mythology
CLAS  281 - The World of Classical Greece
CLAS/REGL  410/810 - Gnosticism
ENGL  230 - English Authors to 1800
ENGL  230A: "Shakespeare"
ENGL  330E: "Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton" 
ENGL  402/802: "Renaissance Poetry, Lyric Poetry, and Rhetoric" 
FREN 498/898: "Forbidden Love" (Will be taught in French)
HIST  100: "Western Civilization to 1715" 
HIST  100H: Honors: "Western Civilization to 1715" 
HIST  211: "History of the Middle Ages" 
HIST  231: "History of England: Stonehenge through the Glorious Revolution" 
HIST  261: "Russia to the Era of Catherine the Great" 
HIST/REGL  332: "Jews in the Middle Ages" 
HIST  423: "The European Enlightenment" 
HIST/MRST/REGL/MODL  426/826: "Reformation Thought" (see flier)
LATN 151: "Accelerated Beginning Latin" 2:30-3:45MW
Next Fall, for the first time in several years,  Bob Gorman is offering Accelerated Beginning Latin, two semesters worth of grammar in one 3  cr class.  This course is perfect for graduate students and advanced undergrads, so please spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested in taking it.  MUSC  486 - Music of the Renaissance (Required pre-requisite of Music 366 or Music Grad standing or contact Dr. Pamela Starr)
MUSC  886: "Music of the Renaissance" (Required pre-requisite of Music 366 or Music Grad standing or contact Dr. Pamela Starr)

Spring 2013

English 430: "British Authors to 1800" -- "JOHN MILTON -- Poetry, Revolution, Prophecy"

Tuesday-Thursday 2:00-3:15
Instructor: Stephen Buhler
We’ll look at a wide selection from John Milton’s works, drawn from his public careers as poet and as political controversialist. Milton was an active participant in several major developments of his time – such as the temporary end of monarchy in England – and took part in public debates on issues ranging from divorce to the relationship between church and state.  He also produced some of the greatest and most influential literary works ever crafted in the English language, including Paradise Lost.
Prerequisites:  Junior or Senior standing; two courses in English above 199.
See the flier for more info. Still have questions?  Contact me at sbuhler1@unl.edu