• Arrangement for Friday Prayer

Every Friday a congregational prayer is held in City Campus Union from 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM. The exact location of prayer room may vary but a confirmation email is sent every Friday with the location(you can add yourself to the email's list by filling out this form). Also, the rooms' reservations information is displayed on the notice board and the front desk staff is always helpful with the location and directions.


  • Rides from the Airport

Students who want MSA to arrange for a ride from airport on their arrival are requested to fill-in the form here and provide us the exact information of arrival: Google form

  • Assistance finding an apartment

One of the first things on arrival is to look for housing. For your convenience, here is some information about the property management companies and private parties that provide housing. It is advisable to start looking for housing at the earliest so that you are well settled before the start of the actual school term. Depending on which campus you would be most associated with, you could look for housing close to East Campus or the City Campus or somewhere in between the two. For those of you who would primarily use the Bus System to commute, it is advisable that you try and look for housing which is not far away from bus stations.

Note: It will be useful to ask a current student (if you know anyone) to refer or introduce you to their property manager or owner.

Different owners have different requirements when leasing out apartments and you could speak with them in detail before deciding on your place of stay.

1. Holroyd Investment Properties or HIP 
Most Indian students reside in :
501 - 521 North 25th St. - Central Lincoln 
Phone (402) 465-8911

2. Century Sales & Management, LLC 
Phone 402-437-8321
E-Mail: century@gocentury.com

3. Commercial Investment Properties
Phone 402-434-7368

4. Lincoln Rent Co
Vacancy - http:// www.lincolnrentco.com/vacancy
Contact - http://www.lincolnrentco.com/contact

5. Ashley square apartment (Close to East Campus)     
Contact Information:
Ashley Square Apartments 3811 Baldwin Avenue,
Lincoln, Nebraska 68504
Phone (402) 281-9192

6. BHG properties contact info:
PO BOX 22205, Lincoln, NE 68542,
Phone [Brian]  (402) 430-4087

Though we are on forefront to extend support and assistance, please be cognizant of the fact that MSA DOES NOT look up apartments for prospective students on its own. That is because the tenant needs to be physically present in Lincoln to sign the agreement before leasing an apartment. (Leasing is defined as renting out an apartment or a part of it for a defined period of time, usually a year). Hence, please DO NOT EMAIL THE MSA asking it to look up apartments on your behalf. Also, there is no need to be apprehensive about the possibility of not getting an apartment.