Tech Research Reports 2006–Backemeyer

2006 Tech Research Reports

Cindy Backemeyer, instructor

Elmwood-Murdock Schools

"A Walk Through Time"by Elmwood-Murdock Students
American Literature/composition

Hello NeWP Participants,
This year the Elmwood-Murdock 3rd graders were involved in many projects where we used technology to enhance our writing. We started the year off as part of a 3rd-8th grade learning web-team. The project was called "A Walk Through Time". The 3rd graders were in charge of researching and finding events for the Elmwood School History. 5th Graders did research for the Murdock historical events. The school's 6th graders used research and GPS tracking to find the country schools that were once located in the district. Later 8th graders created videos of alumni and created the "Walk Through Time Website."

Another technology project created by the third graders can be accessed by clicking on the technology button on the 3a website. You can view their animal power points that were created in October for our animal fair for Grandparent's Day. It took students a great deal of research and writing before they could turn their information into a power point. It was also the first time the students ever learned how to hook onto the school's server, save a file, save an image, or create a power point. Hats off to you third graders!!! You Rock!!!!

A final project you can access through the technology button is the multimedia power projects we created for the NETA contest. Students picked a topic and did extensive research. They used a graphic organizer to help them organize their informational topics. The most difficult part of the project was creating the links to other pages and adding audio and video into the project. We hope you enjoy the power points that parents gave permission to share.

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