Carol MacDaniels Award Nomination

Carol MacDaniels Teacher of the Year Award

The Carol MacDaniels Award is presented each year to a Nebraska teacher who exhibits the commitments of the Nebraska Writing Project: enriching the lives of students and teachers through writing; building strong links between schools and their communities; and fostering networks that support teachers. For over a decade of work for the Nebraska Writing Project, Carol MacDaniels exemplified these commitments. In her own classrooms at Unadilla, Lincoln, and Peru, in the Rural Institute program for Nebraska communities, and in her local and national advocacy work on behalf of educators, Carol MacDaniels modeled a life centered in writing and teaching. This yearly award honors a Nebraska teacher with a similar passion for writing, community, and excellence.


1.   All Nebraska teachers, kindergarten through college, are eligible for this award.

2.   Nominations are due by March 18, 2016 and should be emailed to
3.   Nominations must include:

     A. Nominee's name; home, school and e-mail addresses; phone number
     B. Nominator's name; home, school, and e-mail address; phone number
     C. A letter of nomination explaining how this teacher exemplifies the spirit of the award.

Nominations will be read and rated by the Nebraska Writing Project Co-Directors. Evaluations will be based on the nominee's contributions to writing and the teaching of writing, to community-school connections, and to advocacy for educators.  Nominees do not need to exhibit all these contributions, but should exhibit excellence in at least one.

The award recipient will be announced at the Annual NeWP Spring Gathering, the first Friday in May on the UNL city campus.