Papillion-La Vista Embedded Institute 2009

(Story by Laura Miller)

The 2008-09 PLV-NeWP Institute includes 18 teachers who meet approximately every other Tuesday evening from October through April. During these large group meetings, teachers free-write, present EQUIPs, learn about technology tools to support writing instruction, discuss K-12 applications and extensions, and share responses to professional reading about writing instruction. "I've learned new ways to use writing in the classroom, and I have learned better ways to respond to student writing" reflects high school science teacher Doug Showell.

Small writing groups

Small writing groups meet weekly or bi-weekly for four hours per month to share and respond to new or newlyrevised writing. "I have to say I am LOVING my small writing group," attests Kelcy Currin, an elementary instructional facilitator. "They get me excited about writing, researching, and meeting for class."

Classroom Impact

Fourth grade teacher Shannon McBride describes one of her biggest insights regarding her experience as a teacher of writing. "I am making it a habit to try to have students share their writing much more regularly in a safe environment -- one in which theycan share their writing while explaining what is working in their pieces and what they might be struggling with."

PLV-NeWP Co-facilitators

This year's PLV-NeWP co-facilitators include Tessie Boudreau, Kim Larson, and Laura Miller. Facilitator Kim Larson reflects on her experience as a professional educator. "I am such a strong believer in the writing project model as a way to really impact teacher practice. Being a part of this institute also gives me a chance to get to know people in the district through writing."