Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be involved in NeWP?
Institutes are open to teachers elementary through postsecondary in all content areas as well as graduate students.

I am not a writing teacher. How can NeWP benefit me?
Non-writing teachers should not be intimidated! Educators in every subject area and grade level can benefit from the Nebraska Writing Project. Educators can participate in a variety of institutes which emphasize many subjects ranging from writing to technology to literature. The power of the institute comes from the shared expertise of the participants. Participants share and discuss best practices and explore how the experiences of others can work in a variety of subjects.

What can I expect as an institute participant?
Institutes activities consist of:

  • Writing exercises
  • Visits with local experts in the teaching of writing
  • Participant presentations on their best practices of teaching writing
  • Professional development
  • Practice using various computer technologies to support writing
  • Writing workshops
  • Institute anthology

How can my students benefit?
A teacher’s participation in the Institute will result in a greater understanding of the practice of teaching writing and may result in opportunities for students to take part in a variety of projects, including collaborative partnerships with other classes throughout the state.
There are also a variety of Nebraska Writing Project sponsored events throughout the year, including Youth Writing Festivals in Elkhorn and Kearney and Youth and Family Writing Camps in Lincoln.

What are the benefits of becoming a contributing member of NeWP?
Paying yearly dues or becoming a lifetime member will entitle you to a variety of perks. Perhaps the most important benefit is the access to NeWP Connect, a website which links you with other professionals dedicated to best practices of teaching and writing. Enrolling in a NeWP institute includes the first year of membership at no additional cost.
Member access includes:

  • Teaching demonstrations, lesson plans and videos designed and executed by past and present NeWP institute participants
  • opportunities for support, advice and conversation
  • free admission to the annual Spring Gathering on the UNL campus
  • connection to other NeWP members
  • free access to technology workshops

How can I register for an Institute?
Applications are typically received November through March with notifications by mid-April. Application deadlines may be adjusted to accommodate Institute openings.
Applicants must submit a two-page letter of application which includes the following information:

  • What you are currently doing with writing in your classroom.
  • What you might have to share with other educators about teaching writing in your school and community.
  • What you especially want to learn from other educators.

Indicate the institute to which you are applying.
Submit completed application to:
Dr. Robert Brooke, Director
Nebraska Writing Project
202 Andrews Hall, UNL
Lincoln, NE  68588-0333
(402) 472-1807

Can these credits apply toward my graduate program?
The Nebraska Writing Project institutes can provide the core of several University of Nebraska Graduate programs. Credits often apply to other graduate programs as well; check with your school’s program advisor for approval prior to application.

I am an administrator in a Nebraska school district. How do I get a writing project program at my school?
See Embedded Institutes for more information, and to learn what hosting an embedded institute can do for your school.

To host an embedded institute, contact:
Dr. Robert Brooke
Nebraska Writing Project
(402) 472-1807

Please direct further questions to:
Robert Brooke at: