Boster and Grinvalds present at National

Boster and Grinvalds Present at National in Orlando

Presenters at NWP meeting
From left to right: Linda, Ben, Jeff, Shanedra, and Dan

In November, at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting in Orlando, Nebraska Writing Project board members, Dan Boster and Jeff Grinvalds, joined Linda Christensen (Oregon WP) and Ben Bates and Shanedra Nowell (Oklahoma State University WP) to conduct a workshop on using primary sources documents to encourage reading and writing for social justice. In this session, participants engaged in using these documents to revisit the history of the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, construct persuasive essays about reparations to victims and survivors, and develop a framework for classroom inquiry into the implications of "omissions" from traditional textbooks. During their part of the presentation, Dan and Jeff shared their research about the Omaha race riots of 1919 and some of the larger social justice issues facing the Omaha metropolitan community.


Dan Boster

Jeff Grinvalds