NeWP at Orlando

NeWP at Orlando in Photos

Susan Martens, Susan Olnes

Susan Martens and Susan Oles

Oles was given one of the NCTE National High School Teachers of Excellence Awards. Martens received an honorable mention for the Edwin M. Hopkins Award for her English Journal article about the Tribal Paradise Project written with Jeff Grinvalds which used the NeWP online forums: "Fantasy Island Meets the Real World: Using Online Discussion Forums for Collaborative Learning."(May 2009).

People on Monorail

NeWP Group waiting for the famous Disney Monorail

Helzer and Weis

Diana Weis and Danielle Helzer at sprawling Coronado Springs resort, NCTE headquarters

Renegade Writing Marathon
The NeWP Group Launched a Renegade Writing Marathon in Downtown Disney after we found out that NWP wasn't hosting one. Richard Louth came with two other people from the Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project, Gigi Brignoni and Wilma Kuhlman came with four other people from the Oxbow Writing Project, and we drew in a few other people as well.


Marathon writers