Place-conscious education, Nebraska style: NeWP Podcast Series

Willow Lake Recreation Area Outside Pierce Nebraska. Photo by Aaron Beckman.

calendar icon December 02, 2020 by National Writing Project

Willow Lake Recreation Area Outside Pierce Nebraska. Photo credit: Aaron Beckman.

As part of a partnership between the National Writing Project and the National Park Service, the Nebraska Writing Project (NeWP) presents its Place-Conscious Education NWP Radio Podcast Series. In this seven-part audio series, NeWP director Robert Brooke and several Nebraska teacher-leaders introduce their place-conscious approach and discuss several projects and partnerships that have expanded and deepened the approach over the years. The full audio series will be available at write.learn.lead, and the first three episodes are now online.

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Episode 1: Basics of Place Conscious Education: The Nebraska Experience. In this first episode, Nebraska Writing Project director Robert Brooke introduces the basic concepts of place-conscious education and frames the series of examples that are featured in the remaining episodes.

Episode 2: We Are All Immigrants In this second episode, Brooke is joined by educator and doctoral candidate Cara Morgenson to discuss an extensive project for her high school English learners with the Homestead National Monument and Brooke’s college juniors.

Episode 3: Blending Place-Based Education and C3WP in Rural Nebraska: A Focus on Civil Discourse In the third episode, Brooke and English educator Melissa Legate illustrate how a place-conscious focus can blend with the C3WP emphasis on civic engagement and understanding issues from multiple perspectives.

More episodes forthcoming!