Winter Marathon 2008-Dee Thompson

Winter Marathon 2008 Writer-Dee Thompson

…and Sunsets

Are those George’s? Lundeen’s or no—

The bronzed pioneer and Native American

That a past curator deemed vital to the

Entrance of the Great Plains Museum

  Were now masked by winter grass

Apparently a priority to the new curators…

So much for the Art hiding behind the

  Unkempt, unsculptured grass


And inside on the last day of the

  Last Day on the Farm Exhibit

The acrylic and oil of a 10-member

  Family of geese on their return flight

To NE in spring—

Would that be a last glimpse of what was?

Where were the geese this year?  So few

  Against the burnt orange/magenta horizon

This fall when once they were so thick

They blocked out the sinking sun for a bit

  Has their ebb and flow been challenged

By changing winds as well?


The horizon has not changed.

Fuschia folds into smoky lavender, then

Mesquite blue—a constant backdrop for

Mothers calling children in from the fields

Now text-messaging them to come home

From weary wandering and the

Long, low whistle of a train signals from

Agricultural to Industrial to an

Upside-down Post-Modern deep purple

Blanketed by a burnt orange horizon…


What’s up is down

A DNA spiral spinning new breeds

Of winter grass, geese, children…

and sunsets

Dee Thompson



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