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Literacy-Based Education


The Nebraska Writing Project is committed to the idea that the purpose of teaching writing is part of a broader approach to a literacy-based education. Literacy-based education goes beyond mechanics, conventions, and handwriting; it involves the creative, high-level, and interrelated processes of reading, writing, and thinking.

Literacy-based education:

  • Encourages individuals to explore and develop their unique and shared identities and experiences
  • Empowers individuals to advocate for themselves and others.
  • Enables individuals to communicate in effective ways.


A literacy-based education involves multiple on-going opportunities for reading, writing, and thinking in an environment responsive to individual needs and abilities.  Such an environment is committed to providing opportunities for:

  • Student choice and support in exploration of individual and group interests.
  • Constructive and specific feedback that encourages, challenges, and fosters the reading, writing, and thinking processes.
  • Time for respectful dialogue with others, reflection, and revision.
  • Access to a wide variety of literature.
  • Publication and sharing of writing.
  • Developing twenty-first century skills.


A literacy-based education prepares students for the world of work and expands opportunities for enhanced lives. While students are the primary beneficiaries of a literacy-based education, the school and community are positively impacted as well.

More specific benefits include abilities to  

  • Make informed decisions in a variety of personal, professional, and civic contexts.
  • Process information and contribute new ideas.
  • Solve complex problems and anticipate future problems.
  • Implement innovative solutions.
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively in a global society.

The Nebraska Writing Project supports the following policies and statements literacy and education:

National Council of Teachers of English Position Statements on Literacy:

National Writing Project’s National Reading Initiative

Adopted Summer 2012