Prairie Visions Writing Festival 2020

A collaboration between Homestead National Monument of America & Nebraska Writing Project

Writers (teachers and students) grades 5-12 are invited to this year's Prairie Visions Writing Festival, a digital event designed for writing classes and clubs with the ability to watch Youtube videos on the Homestead National Monument channel and contribute to Nebraska Writing Project monitored discussion boards.

This year's event offers four 40-minute videos, pairing a tour of part of Homestead National Monument of America with a writing activity led by a Nebraska Writing Project teacher. Student writers can share their writing from the activities and receive response through Nebraska Writing Project's discussion board.

Event details

Tuesday-Friday, October 20 - 23, 2020
Hosted by Homestead National Monument of America and the Nebraska Writing Project

Registration Form

To register: Follow the directions on the attached registration form or e-mail Amber Kirkendall at
Registration limited to 200 student writers. Links to the videos and discussion board will be sent when registration is complete.

Writing Activities

Prairie at dawn

PRAIRIE ADVOCACY POEMS: Join Ranger Jessi Bolli and Nebraska Writing Project Director Robert Brooke for an immersion into the native prairie at Homestead, leading to an advocacy poem for the prairie inspired by Nebraska State Poet Twyla Hansen’s “Walk on the Prairie.”

Old photo of women homesteaders

STORIES OF HOME: WOMEN HOMESTEADERS AND OUR STORIES: Join Teacher-Ranger Chris Albrecht and Nebraska Writing Project Co-Director Diana Weis for an exploration of the Women Homesteaders digital story archive and the crafting of your own story of home.

Homestead National Monument staff doing an old farm equipment demonstration

POEMS OF GRATITUDE FOR SUSTAINABLE RELATIONSHIPS: Join Ranger Jonathan Fairchild and UNL teacher Mark Houston for an exploration of agriculture at Homestead, leading to a gratitude poem inspired by indigenous poet Allison Adelle Hedge Coke’s “Corn”

Old poster advertising homestead land

THE DIVERSITY OF EXPERIENCE ON HOMESTEADED LAND: Join Ranger Amber Kirkendall and Nebraska Writing Project Co-Director Kate Leonard Barr for an exploration of the many kinds of homesteaders represented by the state profiles walkway at Homestead, leading to a persona narrative you imagine about the life of a homesteader.